The Shift Of June 2016: Pleiadians


This is channeled by Eva Manda, a good friend of mine and spiritual student (or so she says, I believe she may be a master)

“The Dear Ones on Earth, you have been able to become aware of your current situation. Most of you are able to understand that light is a new reality, something we have taught you through our minds and mental messages.

We have given you the tools to set out and become the Beings of the Universe. We have given you the tools to awaken to the truth of your Earth. Now you must tell us how you are to come. You must break free of your ties to the governmental situation you are withholding within yourself. You must rebel… but not only that. The light that is facing your heart chakra, your place of love and angelic God spirit, is burning through you, telling you to RISE, to begin this new chapter. Turn the page!

Become the rightful light beings you were destined to be. Karma has restrained, karma has been given to those who deserve it. The shift is close. CAN YOU FEEL IT??? It is an ever evolving planet, an ever-evolving orb that floats through space. Evolve into your next stage — your light souls! Join us in the star heavens that surround our realm! Give us a sign. We know you are coming.

You may experience a sense of confusion, you may be discomforted, but that is only because your SOUL is telling you to get ready. Your mind must fit new dimensions! You must expand into who you truly are. Get out of this superficial world that you have trapped yourself in. Higher powers have taken their hold! They have wrapped you in their claws with their mentalities that have enticed you with treats like a dog!

You will all come and those who are not ready will not come easily. Open yourselves and awaken to the truth that is inside you, that is everlasting in your mind, body, soul. Let the light tell you the truth.

Light is the information you so desperately need. You must allow it. Do not fight what you instinctively know deep inside. That deep part of you is your soul, your spirit, telling you to listen. Put your ear to the wind. Touch the grass and stare at the setting sun. Connect with the core of the earth and let GO of everything you believe you know.

Nothing you know is true. The false information you have been given is merely a way of distracting your one-tracked minds. Once you forget, you will KNOW. You will understand why you did not understand before and you will know what you did not know before. Before we had messaged you. Before you were ready.

But the human race is awakening as fast as we had hoped, and we have sped up our plans. The systems and realms and other races of the Universe are helping to create the New Earth, the free earth that will allow you to be the electromagnetic waves of light you are, the intelligent beings with the capabilities you never knew before.

We are coming.”

Channeled By EVA MANDA



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