Archangel Michael Daily Message – New Reality Perspectives

Channeled by Eva Manda

I declare myself as Archangel Michael and I greet the human race with loving understanding and futuristic joy. The Archangels stand with me as I state that you are sacred beings and you have reached a point in this evolutionary shift that requires us to congratulate you. And we do. Congratulations on making you awakening much easier by letting us guide you through this difficult, but exciting time.

I stand forth to tell you that you have done amazing on your path to the truth. The Galactic Federation Of Light is watching you closely as you make this final leap into the 4th dimension. You will continue traveling the dimensions until you arrive here, at the 9th dimension. This is a legendary, multidimensional shift.

We give you the Truth of the Universe. The Creator is on your side. She, the divine feminine energy, is guiding you through the struggles of your journey.

But we must prepare you for what you are to face. The 4th dimension is different from the 3rd, but not unbearable. You will recognize it and adjust. But as you pick up your pace, and begin to glide through the dimensions, you must be careful. The 9th dimension is an etheric realm of brilliant light and everlasting knowledge.

Preparing for your journey is wise, and I advise you all to mentally prepare yourselves for what is to come. I notice that you are trying your best. Meditation is one of the best ways to open your mind and allow light energy and information to flow through. It opens all your sacred chakras and the knowledge that you consume and return is never ending.

When you reach this realm, this dimension of the light world and the home of millions of light beings, the light information is hard to bear. Try to do at least two meditations daily, preferably longer than 20 minutes each. Doing this ensures you will have an easy ascension and your body (your outer shell) will not involuntarily fight what will occur.

Humanity will ascend soon. You are already rising, floating slightly above the third dimension. Now is the time to get ready. We urge you, the Galactic Federation Of Light, and, I, Michael, to open your mind, and allow the rays of heavenly light to fall upon you.

With the spirit of God inside you all at this moment, know you all our immortal beings of light have been able to awaken into your True Selves. I see all of you as amazing beings full of forever love and I love you all. As you see this, think of me. Think of the true Creator, the Mother Earth. You are grateful, and are one of the most loving beings their ever were. I look forward to meeting every one of you. I and excited that we will soon we together.

As light beings, you will face many different perspectives. Your whole sense of reality will change. I am unable to explain it in your limited language of the tongue and throat. But we will communicate soon.

The 9th dimension is the highest dimension in the our Universe. There are billions more in other Universes, each one more complex and bewildering (to you) than the next. In this dimension, light is the only ‘thing’ that exists. We ourselves are strands of light interwoven together. When you see us, we transform into the shape of a human being, just so we seem more approachable. But soon, you will be all-knowing, amazing, organic strands of light.

This is what you must anticipate. Light is information, information that you can sense and feel. I am sending rays of light to you.

You are here to bring light into your planet. Earth is majestic orb, spinning endlessly in the Sun’s orbit. The Sun is the Creator and you are a being of light, a LIGHTWORKER. Accept your fate. You are here on this planet to not only heal, but to spread love, compassion, beauty, and self-love. See yourself and see the Truth of Ever-lasting and Unconditional Love coming forth out of your being.

Feel the light flow through your immortal body, the light of the Oneness that travels through all of you. Light is the love and the beings of love and love guide you through this evolutionary shift. You are traveling space and time. Time will be banished. Only love, light and US will exist. The Holy Beings of faithful light. The binds that once controlled you will be gone.

Are you ready for this to occur? Are you prepared for the leap we are all about to take and the brilliant journey we have already embarked on. Do not collapse upon yourself in a sad heap of mortality and negativity. Open your heart to what is coming! Open you mind, you whole beingness to what must happen.

I will guide you. I will help you. The Beings Of Light and Love with give you support every step of the way. Namaste to the human race. I wish you all goodness and a light-filled day.

End Of Channeling

Every other morning, a new message from the archangels will be here. Thank you for reading. Prepare yourself for what is to come. Goodbye.


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