Channeling Anubis: July 23, 2016 – Part Two

Hello, dear ones.

I am Anubis, Lord Of The Underworld. I spoke with you a few days ago to tell you of the miraculous changes you will be experiencing very soon. I have a few techniques that I believe may be beneficial to you as you go through this time in your life. 

One of these techniques is Satsang, a Hindu based event. Satsang is an event where people gather with others that are truthful and pure. For more information on this event, click here.

Another good idea that can help you adjust to your shift is physical body movement. Remember that you have many energetic channels that travel throughout the whole of your body. Channels for Chi, Ki, Prana, or Life Force. And movement of the body, such as yoga or some type of movement exercise – Ti Chi, maybe Quigong – helps the flow of these energetic life forces. This helps, to not only awaken more neurotransmitters in your brain, but helps to stimulate everything in the confines your body and allows yourself to be more alert, aware and in a more positive mood.

This is not limited to just the physical cells in your body. Your energy system is like a system of nerves and vessels, but they differentiate by moving outside of the body and connecting to other planes of existence and different dimensions of your true Self. In this way, you obtain more wisdom, more light energy, and more guidance.

Keeping those energy channels open and unplugged helps to bring more clear frequencies into you, and into your experience here on earth. Doing yoga and exercises that stretch your mind, as well as your body, can also send out more positive frequencies to the rest of the human collective.

The Source is within all of us. I am the Source. You ar ethe Source. Every ascended being within this galaxy is the Source. The collective Oneness (which both you and I, Anubis, are part of) is the Source. The Source is always experimenting Itself in many different ways. We look for barriers, walls, and doorways. 

Please toy with this idea. That you are the Source. While you are not required to connect with the Source, that is one way of looking at it. I want you to realize that you ARE the Source. You ARE that Creator. That Creative Force. You carry the Creative Force in all of your cells, in all of the subatomic particles, in all of the bodies that surround you every day.

What if you were the Source? Do not let your ego tell yourself that you are better than any other. The truth is that everyone on planet Earth is equal. Every individual in this orb is the Source. The Source incarnate. Fascinating, isn’t it? But, many humans do not believe this in any way. They do not think that they are worthy of this “title”, because of what they have done, or what they have thought about doing, or what they may have done in a past life.

All of these human judgments and fears block you from accepting your true Self. You may be thinking, “Why am I even human?”, “Why even bother, with all of this negativity?”, or “Why even bother with this duality?” That question will be answered when you enter the next plane of existence. You will learn each of you have a different answer for all of these questions, and you will discover those answers soon.

Earlier I stated that the planetary galaxy alignments for the year 2012 are part of this transition time frame. Many of you may ask,” How does that work, the planets or things in space, how does that influence the individuals here on Earth?”

You are aware that in your science of astrology, planets and stars and moons influence the energies here on your planet as well. Therefore, because the Universe is always connected, everything influences or affects everything else. So when you drop an atomic bomb on your planet, everything else in the Universe is affected. A shockwave moves out and an effect is made. Just as particular planets come into alignment and form a specific frequency pattern, which then affects planet Earth as well as everything else in the Universe. So everything affects everything.

This place, Earth, is a particularly interesting place of duality. There are other places of duality in the Universe, but this one in particular holds keys and codes and it is like a vault perhaps we could say. So it is important to protect some of these frequencies which are stored here, many of them stored in your physical bodies. Which is another reason why it’s so important that you’re here as a record keepers. But it must be protected from destroying Itself, so that it does not destroy those in its wake, so to speak.

It would seem as though the seasons have a different rhythm to them, so I will try to explain how that, in relation, works. Evolution. Yes, the seasons have a different rhythm from the perspective of the time frame of your history. Seasons have always shifted and changed, for thousands of years, and yet because your history is so modern and so limited, there is very limited information about past shifts or changes with these seasons. You are seeing change because you have been on this planet for some time, and you are seeing evolution occur in front of your eyes. You are also in a time of a quickening, when time is speeding up and this is why the change is occurring much faster than before. Although you would not be aware of changes that happened in the past because it was not written down. So this will continue to change particularly in the next few years and then will begin to stabilize in a new pattern within 8 to 10 years from now. And that will be the new, somewhat understood seasons, from then forward until the next shift.

Perhaps you are wondering if this is bad, or if this means something in particular – it is simply nature. It is simply the shift that is occurring in this time of quickening. And perhaps as you can see animals other than your Self – animals which live only on instinct within their own communication system – are adjusting to this just fine. Some animals that are not adjusting will simply perish. And then there will be humans that think this is a tragedy and yet it is just nature. This has always occurred. You know this because you know there were dinosaurs here, as you call them. They were just animals.

I cannot speak of what is going to happen, other than to tell you that things will be more intense than ever before. Everything increases in intensity this year. Everything you judge as good and everything you judge as bad; positive and negative. So what we are recommending most of all, is that you pay very close attention to the way you’re choosing to assess or judge that which is occurring. Because what is occurring is intense. What is occurring is your planet balancing Itself. Needing to balance Itself more than ever before, because of this intensity. It is like your body where there are toxins, and it must get rid of the toxins – and there are many ways that it does this. Through the skin, through some of the systems of the body. And this is what is occurring. Earth needs to balance Itself, because the intensity brings toxic energy, toxic frequencies. But it also brings the highest frequencies of Love and the highest and most intense blessings and opportunities.

And challenges, what does “challenges” mean to you? Some people crave challenge, want challenge, think of it as a positive thing. Others think it is a negative thing – something that is difficult. Remember that all of these descriptors are concepts and when we say that everything begins in the mind, we cannot stress this enough. What is going to happen? Intensity. Intensity in all aspects of reality. Focus on the positive ones and then you will raise your Self above the negative ones. But perhaps you are concerned about others raising themselves above the negative ones. And that is not your concern. You may inspire with your actions, you may inspire with your frequency. Perhaps they will entrain to your frequency, but you cannot make them understand, you cannot make them do it. You cannot make them believe or understand.

Will there be acts of nature? Yes. Will there be more of everything that occurs in the human race? Yes. There will be more of everything. But from our perspective, as we look at you in this incarnation, in this collective, we see an awakening. We see a collective that is more awakened than ever before. And that can only be – as you call – good. That can only be a blessing. (Whatever this word means to you: “blessing.”) We wish to remind you that everything just is. You can call it what you like, but that is still just a concept. In fact, all of your thoughts are concepts. It’s not until you leave this body that you realize everything just is. And so some humans will say, “I want to leave this place because I want to live in bliss, I want to live with the Divine. I want to live in the beautiful place”. We will tell you that when you are there, it is just a place. There is no need for descriptors, or judgments or assessments or labels. So enjoy the contrast here. You chose it. You are craving it. You wanted to feel the intensity of emotions that you get to feel here. Even though you think you crave for everything to be the same all of the time. You’ll have plenty of that. You have had plenty of that and there’s plenty more.

Think of this experience here as all of the things you learned while you were in school. All of those events that took place. All of those times you were terrified. All of those times that you were high from excitement. And yet you really cannot feel those emotions right now, unless you put your Self back into that moment. Because those feelings pass away. And yet you can remember them. This is how it is when you leave here. You can remember all of these things, you just can’t feel them in their intensity. And to feel them in their intensity, you come here. You came here now at the most intense time. It is like you have come to Times Square on New Years Eve, because you knew it would be most intense. You knew it would be the party of the century. And you knew you would be able to share it with everyone (all of the other ones that you are connected to, regardless of what their personality has turned them into). You wanted to be part of that party and this is it, you’re in it now. Candles are lit. The ball’s been slowly dropping for years and when it does, then what? We hope that you will be present. It’s not going to drop all at once, so don’t worry about that. There’s not one moment of time that you need to sit in silence for. Unless you choose one – and that’s fine. No, it all occurs very gently, even though it may seem intense – and it will be the most intense that it’s ever been here. But it occurs gradually and gently so you are not overwhelmed. Some things may happen and people will perish and that’s just how they knew they would exit. It’s all fine. It’s all Divine. We hope this information has been helpful to you.

So what to prepare for? The present. What to prepare for? Paying attention to your thoughts. Paying attention to your state of being. That’s what to prepare for. Doing this every day. Preparing your body and your energy fields. Bringing your Self to higher frequencies, so you are ready if something hits the fan, or if a bomb drops. So you are ready to perceive it as Divine. You are ready to handle the situation calmly and peacefully and accepting of it. And letting go of fear. How to prepare? Store up water if you like. We are not telling you this is necessary, but if you believe it is then store it up. But more importantly, store up energy. Raise your frequency. Prepare your Self for whatever may come. Whatever may occur.

We also wish to remind you that your goal here is not to be in peace all of the time, and yet it is. Your goal is not to have a blissful experience in every moment of every day. And yet, if you can generate that bliss within your Self, that becomes your reality. See? Regardless of what someone does to you or what occurs, or what’s happening. If you can maintain that center, then everything is different. Just another way of saying what we have been saying all along.

Thank you for listening. I am Anubis, spirit guide, Lord Of The Underworld, scribe, and spiritual master. Thank you.

End Of Channeling



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