Gaia Daily: July 23, 2016

Dear Ones,

Yesterday I described to you my journey into the mental cavities of the Universe and how I was to meet the various beings of ascension. It has truly been an experience. I met with the Blue Avians early. Their realm is one of the timeless, but the sun still slips over the horizon beautifully. The realm is similar to what we call the sky.

It is blue and big. The only places you humans call “land” are the clouds that float like substantial rolls of water over the base blue. I give them love and greetings, and they did the same to me. These Avians keep things quite short and to the point.

They do not dawdle or try to keep up with pleasantries, something even the ascended masters have trouble with. These bird-like beings are gorgeous. They enjoy flying above the heavens, and journeying throughout the different realms.

In fact, my journey there was considered “lonely” although we know that term is merely a human word for the ability to block out and not see any light around yourself. There were few Blue Avians, but they were hospitable and healing. I enjoyed their company with grace and love.

It feels strange to send you a message like this. I am speaking in your language. How am I doing?

I will contact you tomorrow — after the Arcturians!

-Mother Gaia


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