Message From Kali: The Divine Mother Of Balance – July 25 2016

Dear friends,

I am Kali, the Divine Mother that represents balance and ultimatum. I am here to give you information on your divine shift. Remember: this shift is a very important one. While you may not recognize differences in your life, KNOW that they are happening. KNOW that these messages are true to the divine purpose of your sacred Beingness.

I am here to guide you and give you knowledge and light wave information. Your frequencies are rising steadily and I am looking forward to seeing you in a sense of pure light instead of through this dense, physical “matter” barrier. This is something we have always been trying to do. It is soon.

Promises are oaths and oaths are sacred ruling which may always be kept. We do not run on time in this realm. We do not believe in it’s accuracy or ability to tell us where we are in life. Right now, in your earth, you feel the need for it. It is your decision. You will soon discover the true meaning of the Now, but until then, this is your home.

We do not wish to control nor restrain you. Whatever you translate this information as, is whatever you feel you must do or say. We (I mean, of course, the Earth Ascension Guardians. Included in that group is the archangels, the arcturians, and the ever famous pleiadians. We are supporting you through this.

Many of you have lost faith. Many of our ranks have set optimistic dates that were not in truth and have fooled you. We understand your habit of being hurt and finding someone trustworthy. We understand. We know that you may never trust us again. We hope someday, you will trust the Truth once more.

I bear this message because I, Kali, am the goddess of motherhood, but also of balance. This means that I can deliver news with honesty and the ability to not “spare your feelings”. I am known for my harshness in many parts of India. Thank you and I hope that you listened to that message. This has discomforted many of you lately especially since you have begun to face some doubt.

I know that you know your worth. Many of you have begun to speak out (rather loudly) and catch the attention of many. I am glad you feel that way. You should speak of your beliefs and make it known that YOU are the human race. YOU are what is the sacred being and you don’t care who knows it!

Now, as you enter this stage, things will appear dull. You may get over emotional. You may get into more arguments with “ignorant” people. Do not be upset at them. They only know what the government has told them. They will not believe something as deep and powerful as this until they are ready.

I repeat DO NOT PUSH THESE PEOPLE TO THE LIMIT. This can interfere with their awakening process. Because so many are telling them, they feel resistant and will completely deny it. Just letting them figure it out on their own (and with out help) is the best idea. Do not pressure them or nag them.

Symptoms of “waking up”. Many of your people find this silly. Stupid in some ways. I am only stating what is true. In fact, the symptoms of waking up is a main source of ridicule! Symptoms are used for the ill. Symptom is an unfriendly word. I would not approach it. They will not fail to laugh at it. ACCEPT IT.

All you must do in these vital moments are be aware of your surroundings, stay focused and continue to research and build up your own light library. Please, just be alert and find peace in meditation and prayer. Go outside. Connect with the earth. Thank you!


End Of Channeling


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