6 Benefits Of Meditation and The Meditative State

When we meditate, we become “unresponsive” in a way that is positively affecting our mind, physical body, and the energy surrounding us (aura). Many people meditate because of the benefits that this state has on us as a whole. We are always looking for ways to benefit positively in a way that does not hurt other beings.

The meditative state is one of completion: when you are fully submerged underneath the water of your mind, you are in oblivion of the world around you. This feeling is matched by no other. You may find yourself drifting off into the unknown, a blank slate set in front of your mind, blocking it from everything else.

Of course, this provides so many good things for us and our body eternally. So I’ll jump right into it!

Reduces Stress


When you meditate, your mind is pushing away all these problems that us adults have to deal with. During this state, you are nothing, and so are your stress-stimulators. This exercises the mind to accept that it does not always need to worry about things like that. Your mind is teaching itself that being stressed all the time is not the answer to those distractions that seem to take up your whole life.

Pain, Pain, Go Awaypain_pain_go_away

Pain is a horrible thing to wake up to every morning. With meditation, all of it can be relieved. Because you are in a state that is focused on practically nothing, you seem to “forget” about pain. While this doesn’t cure anything, it sure helps to stop aches from hurting so much!  Believe me, when it comes down to medication or meditation, take meditation.

Now The Mind Readers Can’t Getcha

unwanted_thoughts_medIf you’ve ever believed that mind readers are OUT THERE, somewhere, rest assured. Meditation is a sure-fire way to combat all of that unwanted thought business. Meditation is all about not thinking and not worrying about anything. This is extremely helpful because sometimes you don’t want to think some things, and you really don’t want other people to know you’re thinking those things.

Soul Mates Forever…Just What You’ve Always Wanted

bonding_skillsMeditation is also about CONNECTIVITY. I don’t want to get all spiritual-y and technical,but during that meditative state, you mind is free-floating. That means that because you have let go of every thought, it’s like an unplugged cord. And that is what meditation does. It tries to bring the cord to a certain point. So, imagine you’re meditating with someone else (like your boy/girlfriend, fiance, or spouse). Both of your cords are detached, floating around in the breeze, trying to find a place to plug into. Because you are mediating, you can’t put your own cord into your own being without breaking the meditative state. Therefore, they will try to plug into the opposite person’s beingness. When you do that, it isn’t like you can read all their personal memories and their thoughts. In fact, think of their beingness as a locked computer you don’t know the password to. You’re plugged in, but you’re blocked by their password. Yes, you are experiencing their experience (their “computer lockscreen”, and because of that, you are bonding subtly. Tip: This bond is usually not known, nor is it an immediate connection. It develops over time!

World Peace! Nevermind, It’s Just Your Peace

4-typesYou can think of it as world peace, because if everyone in the world meditated, there would be world peace. Why, you ask? Great, I’ll tell you. Because, my friends, meditation is basically nothing. Literally. So if there is nothing, there must be peace. Peace is an essential part of living. We all need an escape from the hectic, war-filled world around us. And meditation can provide the proper amount of peace we must consume daily. Approved by the FDA. But just in case they changed their minds, don’t mention it too them.

Feel More Active, Therefore Feel More Fit

more_energyDoesn’t it always feel like you’re in better shape when you’re energetic? You feel like you can do anything, and that promotes the feeling of fitness. Meditation clears all your focus points, and unclogs all those holes full of nasty energy in your head. It’s actually like a maid service in your head, singing and dancing as they sweep and unclog energy pores. Feeling active is a great asset because you ARE more active. Then you actually DO get fit. Yay!!!


I think right now is a good time to mention that instead of Evelynn writing, it’s Eva. She’s out and I’ve been managing the site for her. Meditation is a very important part of my morning and nightly routine. I’ll wake up nice and early and listen to birds chirping and the distant sound of the wind in the trees.

Meditation is amazing. It really is. And when you are able to do meditations and yoga daily, you can become healthy, strong, and in good spirits. I hope to add another installment to this post (Even More Meditation Benefits) soon, but we’ll just see, won’t we?

For some more benefits of meditation, visit The Art Of Living.


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