Blue Draconians: Humankind’s Ideas and How They Affect Each Other

Namaste, dear ones.

I am the Great Blue Draco that resides in the star network of Draco. My name to a world like yours is A’shaNiho. I am part of the powerful clan of the Blue Draconians. We are not friendly with the Alpha Draconians, and they keep their distant from our uphold.

Peace is with me, and I will help you to where you have been forging a path. I come with aid, advice, and secrets. I am here to serve you through this time. Hopefully we shall meet when the time is right. In the meantime, we will assist you through this time.

Your race has been banging against the glass door for “centuries” now (in our realm, in all realms, time does not exist. Only the Now is existent). But it surprising how many of you have not joined the few begging to be let out from the prison that you have created for yourselves.

You were place upon Earth to heal from your fall into egotistical thinking. Once placed upon that orb, you fell yet again: this time into the spell of matter. And this is where your fake realities and thoughts became your reality.

Examples of the many physical and mental ideas that have blocked off your way to ascension include religious beliefs, governmental thinking, animals being used as ‘pets’, judging others based on race, beliefs, actions, physical makeup, ideas, and other unimportant physical traits.

And who aided with these ideas? Yes, the Reptilians, also known as the Alpha Draconians. They have constantly uplifted you into believing you were correct. They taught you and brainwashed your entire culture. These beings are very intelligent. They have always been tricksters of the mind.

They now can say that YOU came up with the ideas. They did nothing but spread the word. A gossiper is worse that rumor-starter, and that is what they do not understand. Your thoughts and ideas that led you into this belief that you are physical beings made of skin and bones and organs. That you are here for nothing besides either serving God or creating empires of businesses that don’t matter.

Now, some are waking up. Some of understanding who they should be and who they should be. They are understanding that they are part of an amazing movement of humankind. They are beings of light, love and mental ideas and reality-creators.

Now The Whole Council Of Blue Draconians:

We are supporting you as you break through these bonds that are the reality tunnels you have thrown yourself in. You have been given numerous ideas like medicine and unwillingly taken it. This is not your fault.

These false realities you have created are not anything to do with your shortcomings. They have nothing whatsoever to do with your struggles as human beings. They have EVERYTHING to do with the way the Alpha Draconians have controlled and manipulated you throughout your process of healing. This trapped you in a false realm of physical objects that appealed to you.

You are light beings of extreme sensitivity and forgiveness. Of course you would fall for mind games. You would then be led into the depths of matter. Depth perception is key. Everything is not as it seems. You have been led into a three dimensional world. Your vision is impaired, as well as your other senses.

All of the things you are experiencing and seeing are merely a projection of your mind. When you can awaken to that factor, you can understand that depth perception is a tool our minds have created in order to view this world we are living in.

We, the Blue Draconian Council, hopes you take these realizations to heart. We are here with support and love.

-Blue Draconians and A’shaNiho

End Of Channeling



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