How Mainstream Media Draws Us In

Media is now considered the main form of communication and connectivity among humans everywhere. Social media is all about “following” famous people, befriending strangers over nothing, and posting our own content so WE can get more followers and likes and all that jazz.

In fact, social networking sites and apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, have become so popular that they have increasingly drawn in the masses. And nobody objects to it (besides us people that know about the mainstream).

The Mainstream is a well-beaten path full of fun “stops” like those social media apps. This mainstream is not only these networking sites, but also the news and programming governmental updates. The news these days is almost impossible to avoid. Some of us have noticed that it isn’t on accident that news is everywhere you turn. In fact, forbidden ideas and the REAL news is probably the only thing that isn’t displayed on billboards and televisions across the globe.

The Law Of Media and News Attraction

Media uses simple psychology to grab people’s attention anywhere and anytime. We humans are attracted to drama. We are attracted to wealth. We are also attracted to fame. Media seems to offer all these things. In a way, social media is almost a game. You’re trying to score the most “followers” while following almost no one. You feel that if you’re famous virtually, it will somehow make a difference to your WHOLE life.

And let me tell you a tiny, little-known secret: it really doesn’t.

Media is merely a tool developed and monitored by even larger people than the celebrities that have gained millions of these followers. Yes, there are millions of conspiracy “theories”. But the truth is that media is all controlled by one thing: the government. Some of you may think, “Hey, what’s wrong with that? They’re the ones that gave us Instagram!? I love them even more!!!”

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that. The government is not only controlled by an even higher group (called the Dark Cabal by many) but they are making sure that media is mainstreaming things EVERYONE wants to hear.

These things include, but are certainly not limited to: tragedies, accidents, awkward stuff, ‘roasts’ and insults about others (mostly celebrities), superficial ideas and thoughts about each other, ‘goals’, and perfect everything. As a girl (and being 23 years old) I know how most women think about life. Makeup goals, outfit goals, relationship goals, bestie goals, eyebrow goals, skin goals, body goals. A lot of girls I know are obsessed with things such as this. And I get it; it can be fun to try on clothes and recreate yourself and live in perfectness. But there is something deeper there that a lot of people don’t see.

That image of everything having to be a certain way is a perfect example of how mainstream media works. It sucks people in with things they are interested in, then interests them into more things until they can’t get enough.

The media has controlled the whole world for years now. A lot of people subconsciously realize this, and they even admit it, but they see nothing wrong with what they are doing. I have many good friendships with a lot of these types of people. My friend Nina was talking to me:

“Evie, I just realized that all your crazy talk about Instagram is actually kind of true. But honestly, I am totally interested in all the stuff I look at. I don’t think it’s bad for me at all. I mean, it’s not like the government isn’t watching me and all, but still… I’m not sending nudes or anything… soo…”

Why People Don’t Listen To Conspiracies

A lot of these people that are obsessed with social media believe they are safe because they “aren’t sending nudes”, but really it’s not about that. It’s more about your private information. A good hacker can trace an IP address right back to where you live. An even better one can trace a phone number and track wherever that phone goes.

The government has the best hackers. They ARE the hackers. And, quite honestly, I don’t want any of those people knowing where I live and where I am at all moments.

I have noticed that there are some people that are so uptight about the government hearing every word they say. Inside cars, phones, houses, telephone lines, trees, flowers, the moon, the stars, the sun.

I hope I don’t sound that paranoid.

My point is that mainstream media is a path leading to brainwashing, control, belief systems, mind games, and a ‘zombie-like persona’. This system is just another way to give the controllers another leg up. Using social media should be a rare thing. Sure, an occasional scroll down IG to see some cute pictures of cats in raincoats is alright. But getting swept up in celebrity drama, and also movements such as the Black Lives Matter cause can be very risky. You risk getting brainwashed by ideas that don’t even exist, and also by pitting two types of people together.

Let’s try to live in a mainstream-free world. Of course, I’m sure that it will take a while to take down, but the more we become aware of what we do on these sites, the more we will realize that we should stop using social media.

Written by Evelynn Woods



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