This Week’s Meditation Method – August 1, 2016

This week’s meditation method includes one of the most relaxing meditation ideas in history: morning meditation.

That’s right. Every morning, right before you go out to work, or school, or whatever it is you do, get out your phone (if you have a smartphone) or your computer and begin to relax. This week we’re trying to do a meditation with a guided video. Guided meditations are very good for beginners, and even experienced meditators.

So wake up, stretch your arms above your head, grab your chosen device and listen to the video below. You must calm your mind. Feel free to sit or lie down in whatever position is best. A straight back is a good thing to remember while meditating.

As you can see, this mediation is only 10 minutes (and 1 second) so it’s easy to start and finish and you’re not stuck in the middle, really wanting to just quit.

Good luck!

-Eva Manda



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