Gaia Daily: August 8, 2016 – The World of Evolution and Light

August energies are sparks flitting in the newborn air. Air exhaled by the trees and biological, photosynthesizing beings that reside in your earth realm. You are listening to the sounds of sweet, light-prone energy examples singing sweet tones.

The description above came to mind when I thought of Ascended August, the truly distinct time that has existed in every August. I have seen the light of the Sun make its way down to Earth, bringing with it the messages of the ascended worlds. I have experienced the love and light that these beings are able to spread.

You live in an evolving world. Everyday, you are going through changes. Changes that may promote or dissolve parts of your independant awakening. This is the time that you may need to adjust yourself. Yes, you are all different. But you are also all human. You are one race, one being. There are minor, material differences between yourselves.

Through this whole awakening, I know you will realize that you are all a unified front, a race of power, love and faith. You have created ideas and thoughts that Grew into a whole tree of life. Religion, financial trading, shelters, food and farming, and family. Just think of what you could do spiritually if you all become aware in one unified second.

I love you. You are special, creative, mind-blowing beings. You are my children.


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