Gaia Daily: August 9 – Activation to the Higher Realms

Dear children,

You were given the calendar of the Gregorian king because the more powerful and physical beings seeked to confuse you. You, however, began to notice the symbolism in everything, therefore recognizing the activations of time and space.

As there is no true time or space in this galaxy, you deciphered the physical codes that have held you back. Through large spiritual activations such as 11:11, and 3:33, you started to see and feel the small, but prominent shifts below your feet.

Today is an activation. Not only is it the day that a very major lion’s gate is at its peak, but it is also a day that symbolizes the true nature of the 9 numbers. Today is 8-9-16 in your day to day schedule. But in the days of remembrance, it was 6-9-16. These numbers trigger a great six-nine activation, the relationship between two divine numbers on the Third spectrum.

I hope you will all celebrate this day within yourself. Much love!

Today, plan to go outside and walk with barefeet along real stone paths. If you do not live near any stone paths (you’d be surprised on how few there are – REAL ones that is), than dig your toes into the earth or sand. Dip them in ocena water, or any natural water source. Or just lie on your back (preferably on grass or stone or sand) and gaze at the sky. Find symbols among the clouds. Today is going to be an amazing day!!!

-Eva Manda, your lovely channel


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