The Sirian Messages: August 11, 2016

The world is full of all things. Little and small, large and damaging. You are not the middle ground. You are the exact balance. Middle ground is not baalnce. It is the mere idea of being in both worlds. This is okay, but remember that YOU are the soul embodiment of light crystals. You are balance, not neutralization. We understand that they may seem similar, but the differences are actually quite vast. We love you, and we want you to embody your true selves as you journey through that reality. We understand. We love. We enjoy. We are free, and so are you. You are beings of forever light. Divine crystaline, streamlined energy flowing freely from the ground into your entire being.

Love to you! Olohoja, koja! Olomitoj, koja! (Joy, dear ones! Bliss, dear ones!)
Naihulos the Sirian

This message was channeled by Evelynn Woods on August 11, 2016.
Allowance for distrubution with her name and the post’s URL.


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