The Blue Avians – Message To Lightworkers Of Earth via Eva Manda

Greetings, luminous presences of light!

We greet you with love, joy and the utmost happiness that we have been able to reach you! The Event is closer – in your limited vision, you are able to feel the energetic waves that continue to rise. We give no date, for we do not know when this will happen. Remember that this is your evolution, and we do not have control over your personal awakenings.

To the lightworkers of the earth – you have done so much in order to keep earth alive and well. You have been able to take in enough knowledge and distribute pockets of wisdom that allows US to help YOU.

We are the Blue Avians and we are sending you a message of importance, for all lightworkers and lightbringers to hear. Listen to these words. We have coem with the message of a million star systems.


Notice the lion’s gates that have been very active on your planet of late. In just a few Earth days, a full moon will rise on the 18th. Open your eyes. A small, but powerful stargate will open over those who channel through enough energy that night.


In September, another major Lion’s Gate will open, on 9-9-16. This number is the divine 7. It holds this key through it. Watch for it!

All these opportunities present themselves, earthlings. Since many of you have begun to realize your political and governmental world is in ruin and conceived of fake ideas, energies will continue to grow more intense. We will admit that there are not too many human beings that have woken up. But with the powerful energy they send into their planet’s core, they have the ability to give energy to those who have not waken up. And this can help immensely!

Yes, the guides are aiding you. We are all aiding you. We are rooting for you, and discussing your with our realms. But that does not mean that we will wake up the rest of you. We cannot help YOU through this, only give you advice and updates on the energy frequencies. Do not assume this is a bad thing. You are the ones evolving. You can easily complete this journey with yourself in the lead.

This is the struggle of the ascension. Every being in the star system has fallen and risen. This is just your own. Do not believe you are the only ones that have experienced that violet and harsh world that you live in. Do not believe that you are alone and you will be the only ones pulling.

That is not true in the truth sense. We are here. We will always be here. As you pull and push and carry, we will be the spotter behind you to make sure you don’t fall. And if you do, my friends, that is ALRIGHT. We will pick you again.

You are not alone. With all these exciting earth energies, you have managed to attract many beings. A huge energy of positive force is surrounding your sweet earth. It is the pale pink glow of the sacred nebulas resting on the Horizon of your Earth star.

Let us discuss the event. It will be an amazing thing. Many of you already feel the Event, although some view it in a different way. When the belief systems were created, they were created with careful and delicate fingers. As human beings, you are incredibly sensitive and can usually feel if something feels fake or forced. When belief systems were made, they only changed a few things, to make the systems more controlling. By they I mean the forces that have ‘taken over’ your earth. These beings are those of negative energy.

So ascension is known in the religious world similar to ascension in this spiritual world of light belief. This is GOOD. This gives those people an advantage to believing what will occur. It is already in their mind!

All these shifts are definitely very subtle to the outside world. To us, these energy shifts are smaller, but in your realm, they are magnified. Despite what others may say, or even think, they have been feeling the energetic shifts. That does not mean they have been noticing it. Their mind is unable to think any thoughts because, unlike those who have already woken up. They do not know what to think.

And we will leave you with that thought.

We are the Blue Avians, and that is our message. Thank you!

Channeled by Eva Manda on August 14

Reposting is allowed (as always, it is good to spread the word!) with the name of the author and the link to the original channeling. Thank you, and may you always be plentiful in spiritual light and love!


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