The Sirian Messages: August 14, 2016

Storms float within you, within your complex and difficult mind. they brew like oceans of earthly tea, water of the soul and soil. You are beautiful being of light, truth and love. Your bodies are machines of great service to your Self in the physical realm. I want you as human beings to realize that your souls are apart from the physical mobile you drive. The body, the skin. Nothing is truly as important as your true Self, which is your inner soul. You do not bring your physical form with you to the Life After Death. Your spirit and your wholesome beingness travels up the spiral staircase, into the realms of the servicers. This physical realm is inconvenient for BOTH of us, but remember that this is also the realm that you have learned so much in. Let it go, but give it gratitude for the lessons it has given you. You will be free. Many of you already are. It all depends on your mindset and the way you view this world you live in.

May peace be in your eyes! Olohoja, koja! Olomitoj, koja! (Joy, dear ones! Bliss, dear ones!)
Naihulos the Sirian

This message was channeled by Evelynn Woods on August 14, 2016.
Allowance for distribution with her name and the post’s URL.


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