Blossom Goodchild – August 14, 2016

Once again … here we jolly well are! Thank you so much for your reassurance which you spoke through me the other day.

( August 8th channelling )

I am TRULY feeling much more confident. Us Humans go through these ups and downs in order to get to our Truth! So, what’s new with you?

We are in fullness of Love Energy as we connect with you this day. In the air … as your sayings would say … is much excitement and exhilarating thoughts that lead one onto /into the state of Being that is required for these phenomenal changes that are to occur.


May I say here … and I am acting as a negative Nelly on purpose … Yet, so many times has there been a buzz … so, so, so, so many times … what is so different about ‘this time’?

Nothing! In that, whenever there has been a buzz regarding change over your years … that is because it is always happening! So much change is taking you into Brighter days, that as yet, seem the opposite.

That is because we are fed the opposite. I understand that. People are feeling our ‘Family from elsewhere’ to be very close, almost tangible for some. I know you are always close to us, yet, that is a KNOWING, rather than me actually FEELING it sometimes.

Lady Blossom …

Not so comfortable with that!! Although it makes me smirk for I am far from it. I don’t mind ‘The lady, Blossom’ … A big difference!

None the less … May we make it more comfortable by saying that is the name of which we choose and adore …

Adore? Really? OK, then …

Figuring out that which is unknown to you is not an easy task. We are aware that you would like to ask ‘What are we to expect’. Yet, you refrain due to having asked it many times and know our answer … ‘Much Change’ … and you wish to know, in what way?

We can only offer words that condone* and ask you to draw strength from the fact that these changes ahead … these exciting times are almost upon you.

Now where have I heard that before?

These changes ARE to occur and you will never look back. We cannot specifically specify how this change will play out … bit by bit. That is impossible. For it is each one of you playing your part and writing the script as you go … that shall make it what it is to become.

Indeed, there is a Divine Plan … and it shall play out. It cannot not. Yet, the journeys that unfold in playing out these specified roles … is up to Each One.


There shall be circumstances occurring that make one confused and bemused. Yet, deep inside KNOW THAT ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.


Listen to YOUR TRUTH … for there shall be much ‘Stretching of the Truth’ in the wrong direction, in order for those who prefer the darker side of the room to defend and excuse themselves.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here?

In that … things that the ‘average human’ … and we mean that with respect of a percentage /average … currently perceives are very different from what they/how they actually are. Many are aware of this. Yet, there shall be Truths uncovered that even those who think they know what is hidden … don’t! Much more than meets the eye is to be revealed … slowly but surely.

As one accepts ‘Shock Number One’, they then prepare for ‘Shock Number Two’ and so on.

It is time for the TRUTH to come out. It has been more than long enough, wherein covering up very important matters regarding your ‘Star Family’ has been detained.

Therefore, there will be those who will try to ‘Stretch the Truth’ as we say … in order to allow themselves a ‘history of redemption’ by denying what is and making out ‘TRUTHFULLY’ what isn’t.

Can you elaborate on ‘TRUTHFULLY’ WHAT ISN’T’?

There are very clever/sly/intelligent Beings upon your Planet in ‘high up positions’. Their Truth, they will know, is not Truth … and yet, they will still say it is … in order to prevent themselves falling from that High position.

It is time now for citizens of the Planet Earth to HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE WHO THEY ARE.


So do you mean that ‘disclosure’ is to come about?


Again, with all respect … this has been said before. Not so much by YOU saying it is imminent, although you have discussed the matter a little … but by others … over the years, many times. That’s not soon!

And we can only show you the jigsaw puzzle that we do … in that, the pieces are coming together and so much more of the overall scene can be viewed.

Please take note here of this being spoken about as I was chatting with an audience.

This can be viewed here at the 19.09min mark.

This is why, as you are aware, we cannot give you exact time frames. For we do not work in time.

Yet, some very important pieces have been put into place now and as you know, when doing a jigsaw puzzle, once a few ‘particular pieces’ are set in place … then many around them can neatly slot in.

One had been waiting and waiting for those precise pieces in order for all those around that were in position waiting to … fall into place … so quickly after that … can do so.

Thing is … I do feel the buzz. Yet, I am such an old has – been! I have felt the buzz so many times before and maybe I am just getting swept along with the hype once again? Once again! Once again! Once again! We all, so very much, are ready for change.


So is Christmas!  I know I sound so doubtful. Yet, how can I put this? It is not in a negative way! Just saying how it is. Just being realistic I suppose.

So realistic … that when we agree to the fact that the ship seen in your skies was the real thing … you chose to doubt?

Yes. Do you understand why?

Because of falsities … Because you know not who you can Trust due to ‘Bombings of untruths’ that are put there to fulfil that very mission. To confuse.

YEP! In my chats I can talk so confidently about what is to take place … THAT HAS TO come from a knowing inside of me. THAT IS WHAT ALLOWS ME TO KNOW THAT ONE DAY DISCLOSURE … LARGE SHIPS IN THE SKY … ASSISTANCE LEADING US INTO A BRIGHTER WORLD … WILL COME. Not to rescue us. Not to save us. Yet, to work with us. To lend a helping hand to get this Planet back in order … IN TRUTH … IN LOVE.

We speak only from OUR TRUTH Blossom, as you know. And we come to confirm such matters. As to whether they are still accepted as your time goes on … cannot make us change anything … nor would we desire to. That which we offer, is to assist you from the position WE are in.

The position YOU are in is different from ours and we can brush away the clouds of doubt that you find yourselves encloaked in.


I’ll put that on a magnet and stick it on my fridge!!

There will ALWAYS be those who desire to conspire and to push ones thoughts in the direction of misgivings and loneliness of heart.

Yet we say to you …




We have had to hold back when we felt we wanted to move boldly ahead. Yet, it was not compatible with the transformation to do so. We have had to be patient just like you. For we have felt your anguish and despair.

Who knows what will happen when it all kicks off? One can’t really imagine. Yet, it HAS to come. Our world is in such need of a massive kick up the proverbials! And however one chooses to react to that … is down to each one.

And may we add that although there will be chaos through confusion … keep in mind … keep in heart … that when the time comes …


LISTEN ONLY TO THAT … for there shall be many that will try to convince that we are not who we say we are.

Will you say who you are then?

To begin with you shall know us Energetically … and we tell you now … that shall be more than enough!

All these things have been said back in 2008. That little puppy is still very much ‘part of my Being’. Yet, not in a bad way as some may think. Just the things you said then … about your arrival … are pretty much all you would say now. I don’t feel, to be honest, as if ‘A Big Show’ is about to happen any time soon. Yet, maybe … just maybe … The time has come to start up the band … Could be a long overture … but who cares as long as it gets started .

Dearest Blossom

Eh, excuse me?

Dearest Lady Blossom …

Thanking you!

Answer us this … Why do you take the time to have these conversations with us and ‘send them out’?

Good question! No, seriously , because deep within me, although I question myself sometimes and think ‘WHAT are you doing Blossom?’ … I KNOW I am not mad. Perhaps a little wacky at times, but not insane. I am a rational normal Human Being that knows there is more to all this and I know I am not alone in knowing this. This LOVE that we are, makes sense of/to everything and I guess you guys are just the icing on the cake when it comes to ‘getting down to the nitty gritty of it’. Why do you ask?

Because we wanted YOU to know why. For we are aware that sometimes you ponder on whether or not this is all a figment of your imagination.

Who said that? Yep. Yet, I need to ‘go there’ in order to get to MY TRUTH … and if it should be that on my death bed I say ‘Well that was all a load of old cobblers’ … because nothing came about  … then so be it. Yet … I did the best I knew how… LIVING IN MY TRUTH!


Yep. And so be it. Many thanks. In much Love … signing off for now.

*Condone … can mean in this case  ‘ with the intended meaning “approve of” or “encourage,’

Author: Blossom Goodchild
Source: Rose Rambles


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