Let Go of the Need to Control…Become Love Again

By Lisa Brown, 08/14/2016

You have multiple versions of you.

Each of these has a certain vibrational frequency. 3rd Dimension, you are human (with a conscience, which is your higher self aspect trying to speak to you), 4th Dimension is duality where both aspects enter in and the “battle” of duality ensues, inside and “finger pointing” at that corrupt world that is here to take our freedom away. That is a creation, a gridwork, a consciousness. One that you must free yourself from as you expand into the 5th Dimension, which occurs as your heart opens (by conscious or unconscious choice).

Every moment of “heart-break”, every moment of grief, every moment of “loss”, every moment of these is a RELEASE of separation from Self AS SOURCE and you coming BACK to your higher self aspect here. Duality goes as you “enter” the 5th Dimension, which is an existence you evolve your way into, choose your way into, honor your way into, intentionally DO your way back to, as you let go of the need to control, resistance and stop believing the fear, stop judging everything and BECOME love again.

As you do this, more aspects of you “appear”, waiting for you to achieve (hold) this vibration within. Every moment a part of this process to becoming Multi-Dimensional Aspects, all INTEGRATING into one physical body, for you to WALK as, IN THE PHYSICAL here.

All along, your outside world/reality/dimension, continually changing to match your new vibration/transmission. You arrive in multiple dimensions as you embody, embrace the crazy and release the mind that kept you limited to that old consciousness grid work.

You change Collectives,
you change gridwork as you become CRYSTALLINE here.

As you hold your own light,
you walk as a Light Being AGAIN here. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ 

Source: Love Has Won
Author: Lisa Brown


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