Gaia is Transcending Into a 5D Earth Star – Lemurian Council of Twelve

upgrading-vibrations-ascensionGreeting earth cleansers!

We are the Lemurian Council of Twelve. We have come bearing wisdom that we feel can help you on your way to becoming your true self. You have had access to much information of late. The active lion’s gates, and the frequent shifts have really given the ascended  masters and beings of light inspiration to reach out and send you even more knowledge and thoughts that can greatly aid you in your ascension.

If you have been able to keep up with all the updates streaming into your earth daily, you probably know of the powerful energies surrounding the lion’s gates and star portals of the Earth planet. You have most likely learned of the building of Nova Earth. This consists of groups of human beings sending forth positive healing rays into the Earth’s core. Nova Earth is predicted to be a gorgeous, peaceful, FREE new enterprise.

Many questions and thoughts on Nova Earth have been forwarded toward this council. We have decided as a group to answer some of them. Yes, the building of Nova Earth will be challenging and very difficult. But do not have doubts or give up. The human race is a powerful one, and as ONE, you will build Nova Earth.

You have much assistance. Never consider your standpoint on Earth as alone. You are not, and this is true. The heavenly guides on Earth, your personal angels, are always with you, and they are there to inspire you for hope, joy, love and excitement. You also are surrounded by thousands of different beings that are all here to help and guide you through this experience.

The concept of being alone is constantly misunderstood in your world. Being alone is the feeling and the need for company, no matter if the lonely person is constantly surrounded by those that consider them friends. We (the council) do not expect you to consider us friends if you do not wish to do so. But we are here for you, if you have any questions or wish to just feel the presence of a reliant partner.

Because of this ascension, we are sure that many of you are feeling lonely. that is only to be expected. One of the main ascension symptoms is, unfortunately, loneliness or gloom. All of these clashing energies, those of ours and yours against the controlling beings and old energies of Earth, can cause major emotional and mental fluctuation. That is completely fine. We understand. We will always continue to love and aid you.

Love is a unconditional emotional and heartfelt feeling for a being, be it yourself, another human, a relative, a friend, or an animal. Love is shared by all beings in the universe. As humans, you are able to project your love throughout the stars, and reflect it into your own earth. The mother herself, which is your Earth, loves you unconditionally so. Many of you know her as Gaia and Mother Earth (mother Nature is another variation). A mother has an unconditional love for all her children, as soon as she lays eyes upon them. This is an affection that is sacred and divine. All mothers feel this, even if they do not know themselves.

And your mother (Gaia) is ready to ascend for you! For all of you. She has been preparing herself for the upgrade of humanity. Now the only thing left is the mass shift in human consciousness. There are many things you can do if you wish to aid in the process of ascension and the Event.

Some of these things include meditation. The peaceful and clear state of mind is reflected to others, and their bodies are triggered to a reaction. Being around one who’s aura is clear and uncluttered can be a refreshing experience. You can also gain more knowledge. The more knowledge YOU know, the faster you ascend, and that can trigger others to ascend. Think of the All of Humanity as a bowl of marbles. Next to that bowl, there is another bowl, but empty. Each of those marbles in the first bowl is a human being. As a human being ascends into the proper state, their ball is dropped into the second bowl. As soon as most (or all) of the marbles in the first bowl are in the second, the Event will be triggered.

Of course, all explanations have flaws, because the physical language that the human collective uses to communicate is not as transmusive as the light language. In this example, the flaw is that there is no Ascended and Descended. There are infinite inbetweens, infinite levels of knowledge and consciousness that can not be judged by two bowls of marbles. Human beings are beings of LOVE and LIGHT. They are the ultimate, and the auxiliary.

The Gaian star you currently reside on is powerful and ancient. The energies within that orb are magical and deep. When Gaia ascends into the 5D reality, she will shed all of the physical illusions and negative energies on her body. You will be welcomed back with open arms. You will be more aware of the earth, and you will live as conscious light beings, helping other races ascend from the dense realities they are caught in.

As the Lemurian Council, we say that as light beings, you will be the great Guides of the Universe. You will have the ability to assist those in need, and you will be only conceived of love and light. Once you have ascended from the dark, electronic world you are currently living in, you will have learned much.

Only you will know what you have learned. It will be up to YOU to know what you will achieve and how you will do it. You are an ascended race of beings, and you will become masters of the light. You shall be strong, loving, lightful, joyous and all the words of freedom in your limited language! Humanity shall rise once again, from this realm of the matterified, into the new dimensions of the ascended ones. You will meet many friends. Most of them have helped you on your path to ascension. Most of them have personally contacted the human race, giving messages and wisdom to humanity for rising above the materialistic desire.

There is so much more to learn, but the knowledge is HERE in the NOW of the earth. It is among the nature of the planet. It is amongst the trees, the bushes, the flowers. It is inside the flying birds that flit through the air, ascending the sky. It is within the deep hearts of grizzlies, of cats and lions. The wolves of the Siberian tundra, the pandas of the great rainforests!

Look for knowledge and lessons everywhere! Look for your true self among the branches of wild oaks and maples. This is one of the most important lessons of earth. You must connect with the nature, the singing birds and the roaring cats. We are here, but your answers are THERE.

We have been giving the human race nudges like toward their goals and ascension progress. Of course, they are able to ascend on their own. We are here so that you are not conquered by loneliness, or the fear of becoming true beings.

You are rising into the evolutionized consciousness of the earth! Embrace the light flowing from the stars and the heavens. You are surrounded by love, guides, joy, and angels. Now is your time to discover the multidimensional beings you are meant to become. Now is the time. Now is the ONLY time.

In the 5th dimension, you must remember that the reality will be completely different. It is more so that the difference between 2D and 3D. 5D is the dimension of pure light. As you ascend even higher and higher, gaining more and more wisdom from the ascended masters and yourselves, you will begin to see that the current Universe we live in is a mere layer. That layer is the beginning of something profoundly deep. There are unlimited dimensions, each one complex and different. They swirl among each other, each one reaching to the heavens in a plea for more light, for they give more than they take.

That is the reality YOU belong in. You are timeless and true beings, and you are becoming the amazing, healing and loving beings you are meant to be. You will join the stars with the Gaian star being your residency. You will help others. You will become the true lovers of the Universe.

We are the Lemurian Council of Twelve, and we are blessed to have been able to share these large words of wisdom with you. Thank you.

Channeled by Eva Manda on August 16, 2016. Distribution is encouraged, accompanied with the channel’s name and the link to the original post.

Eva Manda


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