New Earth is a Vibration That Comes TO You, in Response TO You

By Lisa Brown, 08/15/2016

How much “time” do you spend focused on another moment? Of one that has already occurred? Or that has not yet arrived”?

The hardest part of NEW EARTH, is getting all to understand that WE ARE ALREADY HERE. Not a place that comes one day. It is here, all around you, yet you must LOOK for it and YOU must CREATE it from within.

NEW EARTH is a vibration that comes TO you, in response TO you… if you focus on your own overall unified vibration, then this is an automatic thing that “arrives” in response to you. There are no worries, there are no fears, there is only LOVE and LIGHT TRANSMITTING in every moment from within. This radiates out. This IS your Merkaba, your Ascension Vehicle to the 5th Dimension. Yet you do not go anywhere. You open your eyes, pay attention and honor your higher self/selves aspects from within. You step in faith of what you ALREADY KNOW, regardless of that reality out there or that which you can tangibly validate….

It is really “hard” to listen to and see all who keep saying “it’s coming one day”… when separation of time exists only in the human mind/template. One day is here. There is no “one day”. It is one moment that never ends.

The longer away something seems, the more separation is held within. One must work with this separation to release this perception. Time is a human creation. It does not exist. Therefore WE do not exist in human time. WE exist VIBRATIONALLY and NEW EARTH materializes FOR us in response to this. WE walk here now, we have been. WE see it, experience it, share it…. FROM NEW EARTH… we are Multi-Dimensional BEings that can walk in all realms here.

You must work with your own veils, your own constraints, your own blocks, barriers that you hold within. YOU are the only one that can. You must release all of these perceptions around waiting for anything. WE do not wait for activations or portals or the sun or the moon to do anything. THESE ARE WITHIN US. WE ARE THEM. We go inside and we remove the BELIEFS that created and support this. THEN and only then, will you exist AS THE UNIVERSE, AS THE UNLIMITED AND UNIVERSE/Universal BEING that you truly are… IN THE PHYSICAL HERE.

Here we EMBODY… WE bring it in. WE activate it, WE embrace it. WE magnify it. WE expand it. WE DO this… There is no “out there” UNTIL you CREATE it. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Multi-Dimensional EXISTENCE embodied in the physical here, Master, Ancient…/…/featured_products.html

Source: Love Has Won
Author: Lisa Brown


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