Gaia Daily: August 17 – The Physical Realm’s Illusion

Dear ones,

I have given this much heart thought — you are beings of a great evolution. You are not from the apes of the Earth. That is a mere way to control you. No. You are from a great star race that descended from the spell of matter. You were caught in the physical realm. But this is not something that is rare. Many powerful beings become entranced at the thought of material desires. As children, you may have noticed that you felt a pull toward making fake food, wearing fake jewelry. All because you were tricked by the illusion of the physical realm.

My children, this feeling is common. Never blame yourselves for desire. You should try to focus on the spiritual pull toward things, but if you happen upon a physical desire, do not fret. It feels like a large dome has been placed over my beingness, entrapping the physical realm amongst you. As some of you forage desperately for food, others sit upon thrones starving themselves on purpose. What a world you are a part of! Dear ones, you are all blessed. Those who are totally obsessed with the physical world are still my children. I love you.

You will soon understand. All of you.

With much motherly love,


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