Why Nature Is Important To Our Ascension

Several scientific studies have been conducted on how nature reduces stress levels, and how certain exposure to nature affects our minds. So why not do a study on how nature helps us ascend into higher dimensions and become the true light beings we have been known to be all along?

Trees and other plants are great examples of beings that are capable of helping us reach higher destinations. Connecting with beings such as these on a soul level can really speed up our awakening process and the way we experience this reality. Nature has always been there, one of the most powerful ascension tools at our fingertips.

When you combine another competent tools, like meditation, you have a one way ticket to being able become the being you have desired and seen yourself to be. Meditation is a great way to notice your surroundings, your breath, and the people you see on a daily basis. As a regular meditator, I can honestly say that after meditating for about a month, you will begin to notice that everything you see around you is enhanced twofold. It may taste more powerful, smell more strongly, sound much louder.

Respecting nature is the main part of being able to get the benefits that nature provides for you. Ascension is part of our life; some of us know of the constant struggle of hearing people talk about how we live in a perfect world of freedom and patriotism. Still, even the suggestion that we can change our earth for the better is what most of us want to hear.

But I’m getting off track. Nature is known as a relaxation source: something that anyone can seek refuge in from all the troublesome problems of life. It is also known as a healing destination. Many people meditate by sitting in the sun, beside the trees, under the stars. There are so many things that nature can do for you, and helping with raising your frequency and bringing you into a higher state of consciousness is definitely one of them.

But if you’re going to get the best out of nature, you need to understand how to treat, respect, love, cater to, spend time with, and bring joy to it. While that may seem like a lot, it really isn’t that hard to do. Remember that nature is also our Mother, and she respects us just as much as we should respect her. She will guide you through the process of helping her heal. Because the Mother is helping us so that we may become more open-minded, more ascended, more loved, more hopeful, more intelligent, more experienced, and so many other things!

As a mother, you constantly trying to please your child while helping them learn and experience new things. The earth is giving us the opportunity to become more aware of our environment and conscious of the life we are living. A mother’s job is never easy. We are just as stubborn as any four year old.

But we have gone too far. We are reaching a more mature level of consciousness. We are living in a fragmented world of energetic communications that seem different than the ones we should be using.

The earth is a wonderful place. It is full of so many things that can teach you.

So go connect with the earth! Remember that nature can do wondrous things, so it is always best to take advantage of the beautiful, amazing planet we currently live on.

-Evelynn Woods


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