Anchors Away! Rising Frequencies on Earth

By Lisa Rising Berry, 08/16/2016

I knew it was coming. I have been writing about this for over a year now, and I am beginning to clairvoyantly see more of what is going on, and I am humbled. The energy of Azoth is more powerful than I ever thought, and I don’t feel it will peak until the end of October. Not only are we dealing with the intense incoming fire energy, but we are also dealing with the amplification of the water energy that came in last year.

I have NEVER seen so much change on the energy realms in such a short period of time. I started seeing, feeling, and experiencing massive changes last week. Massive doesn’t even cover it. There is no word in the English language to describe what I am seeing on a clairvoyant level. It is not evil or bad….but it is scary as hell. Change on this scale is not easy, and when you factor in how quickly it is occurring, it’s mind blowing.

As, I said in previous articles,this is just the beginning. We need to throw out our anchors to survive this storm. The stronger your will, the bigger your anchor. Spiritual practice has never been more important at this time. This is the moment you have been practicing for. All the hours of meditation, all the rituals etc…. It all comes into play now. If you are not a master of your own mind, you will suffer. Anchors away my friends….

The anchor is a symbol of the ability to wait out the storm in a steadfast manner. It was often a last resort, and is connected with hope. The anchor remains firm in these fire waters upon us and symbolizes the place in our heart where can find balance and clear our minds of the confusion and chaos.

This shift is affecting not only this planet and our Universe, but it extends to everything…everywhere. I will let your mind wrap around that. I am talking on the scale of Infinity and beyond. And not “everything” is happy about this shift. I think because it is occurring so fast. We were held back for so long that the rubber band has snapped. We are being propelled forward beyond a speed that can be calculated.

The psychic experiences that Andrea and I (and others) have been having are almost indescribable. I still have not written in my personal journal what I have seen, heard, felt etc… because I don’t have words to describe most of it. I need to try to get it down on paper today because the experiences are not stopping – only amplifying, and I don’t want to forget anything.

All I can say is the rabbit hole of what was holding us back for so long was deep, and somehow we found its source. And it is now gone. While this event is to be a happy one, it is also a massively destructive one. The astral, etheric planes are in chaos of the shift right now. The water and fires of purification hit something big and removed it, and now we are dealing with the rebound effect.

Andrea and I have counted so far a jump of 10 timelines for this planet alone. TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of our past is different now, on a collective and individual level. The Mandela effect will be going insane in the next year or so.

Andrea experienced this massive leaping of timelines two nights ago during lucid dream time. She kept waking up and seeing her alarm clock as a different clock and her son would walk in her room and say something different. In one instance he even looked different, and that frightened her. Each time she knew it was a wrong timeline, and she knew she needed to get to the correct one, which she did by going back to sleep. She unfortunately witnessed the jumping, which most people don’t. I am glad she experienced it because it gives us more information.

In summary, this new amplification began the first weekend in August, and then once we passed through the Lions Gate all hell broke loose as the Azoth energy hit the source of what has been holding us back for so long – which is a positive thing. Now is the time to balance Mind, Body and Soul. All 3 aspects must be strong for your anchor to hold.

Anchors Away My Friends,

Lisa Rising Berry

Author: Lisa Rising Berry
Source (Article found): Love Has Won


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