Infant to Infinity, Awaken Rise Anew

Infant to Infinity, awaken rise anew. The Golden Dawn rises with you.The time is now to awaken, transform through breath. Let yourself feel the eternal rhythm, the rhythm of the Cosmos, the rhythm inside your Heart. You are the Cosmic Cords, vibrating Life Force Energy.

You are the Organic Living Light breathing. You are the living Prophecy made of the Stars. Breathe deep in the center of your Heart. As you begin to open your Heart more and more to the frequency of Divine Love in each moment, you will begin to understand that the answer is indeed the absolute Divine.

Trust in this process as we step up to the evolution of our shift from the energies of duality to the higher energies of the One Unity Consciousness. If your mind doesn’t understand, tune into your heart’s intelligence; the language of light and love, the innerverse of Oneness.

This is the Energy that we are merging with now in the New Earth Reality.

By Romeo Baron


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