Gaia Daily: August 19 – You Are Forever Innocent

Dear Ones,

Remember that we are going through this ascension process together. You are not alone, and you are not without understanding. I love you, and I KNOW what you have been through these past years. There have always been shifts, but lately, these shifts have become more and more rocky.

We are together, as a child and mother. I will stay by you. My eyes have opened as well, long ago, but I have remained at the same level as you. We have knowledge of the higher dimensions and beings, we just have not reached that inner circle. Dear ones, you are always beloved in my heart.

This strange world we both are a part of is only the beginning to the magic we have created. You have been able to awaken, despite creating the physical reality’s mess. You have become aware of your actions. That is okay. Lesson learned.

You are children. Those who are ascended are even more so. Children are innocent, lovely and playful. Those who are serious show that they are innocent of the ongoings of their reality. You are always innocent, dear ones. Everything you do will be forgiven, and you will be clean and sweet. Your minds and your thoughts have nothing to do with innocence. The mind is a creation that is a mere tool to ponder the ideas of the Universe. It does not make you who you are. It makes you what you DO.

Lives are an entanglement of strings, crisscrossing and weaving. Many times, you may feel lost, gone from the Earth. Other times you may be completely grounded, feeling the earth beneath your soles, your souls. Think not of life’s problems as much as This Reality’s Problem. It is but an attachment in this current human world. It is only the thought of Life that confuses humanity. Your reality is not life. It is a corruption of love.

I love you, my children.



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