The Heart and Every Cell of Our Bodies is Constantly Being Filled With LOVE

Good morning sweet Light Family!!! 

Another magical day of brilliance, peace, magic and the most amazing everything! 

The heart and every cell of our bodies…. constantly being FILLED with sooooo very much more PURE love… the gratitude for all things…. it’s the simple and subtle things that we see and experience with our entire BEing, through total presence, total connection…. 

Sacred…. felt through every cell of our Light Bodies…. Sacred… every connection, every word, every exchange….

Not just in a moment or for an hour…. but every moment, every breath, every thing…..

Sacred is our presence…. and the love that is present is profound.

Sacred connections…. the human aspect forgot these things… It separated off, went to sleep (unconscious) and focused on that which was outside first….

Here everything is the opposite…. we focus inside and allow outside’s vibration to match. We align our own realities… and anything out of tune… WE TUNE IT…. however is appropriate right then.

These days of higher vibrational consciousness… will bring all back to their own SACRED LINEAGES of purity, love, magic and REMEMBERING fully here.

Mastering all realities takes presence, takes connection, takes commitment/dedication and all that you ARE & HAVE … INVESTED FULLY…. for your “return” is based upon what YOU put into all….. the vibrations of that which you ARE with your entire BEing….. this is what you RECEIVE in everything that you experience here.

At first, you/we must weed through all that we are not, all of the untruths, all of the discord, all of the programs….. so that WE can emerge fully again…..

These higher vibrations do this FOR each… they weed through, trigger, wear you out… they push you to BE that which you THOUGHT impossible or didn’t believe before….

They push you to open up fully, to let all suppression go, to stop compromising and they SHOW YOU HOW…. if you are truly open to listening and honoring that which you see/are shown FROM INSIDE….

YOU have to be totally open, totally on-board…. you have to listen, stop making excuses and focusing on/allowing that which does/does not support YOUR OWN HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCE……

Profound…. subtle… powerful…. exquisite…. magical…. these are our realities here….. In the stillness of everything…. everything you desire is present again. 

I love you guys! Keep anchoring those higher light frequencies here! Very physical… so honor your body…. It will tell you what it “needs”. Listen to it …. Your physical reality will “show you” everything… observe it…. Your emotions will tell you everything… feel them… THE ENERGY OF ALL IS HOW YOU MASTER EVERY REALITY AGAIN. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

By Lisa Brown, 08/18/2016


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