The Universal Shift in Consciousness: Pleiadian High Council of Seven

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

As the entire universe experiences this upgrade, this uptick in frequency, many things are shaking loose, getting disrupted, and becoming exposed. This is not just happening in your personal life or in your physical body. It is universe-wide. It is the type of thing that can be mistaken for chaos. It can appear as though the wheels are coming off and everything is coming undone.

And as you strip away layers of distortion and illusion from your energy, you are going to feel more vulnerable and more exposed. You might even experience yourself in a weakened state, but all of it is necessary in order to give you the experience of change. Change is inevitable, but it is not always experienced the same way, and some changes are bigger than others.

A universal shift in consciousness is a very big change.. It is very disruptive, but it is only that which lies on the surface that is really being shaken up. The core of this universe remains solid, stable, intact, and anchored in Source.

You do not need to figure out how all of this works. You do not need to know all of the schematics and the ins and outs of a universal shift. All you need to know is that as above, so below, and what happens on the macrocosmic scale is happening on the microcosmic scale as well.

But you, like this universe, have a very stable core, and you are grounded and anchored in unconditional love. It is your compass. It is your touchstone. It is what you are returning to. And everything that is other than unconditional love is needing to be released. It is getting shaken loose.

Stabilizing yourselves during the upheaval is going to be your number one job. It is not about understanding it all. It is not about knowing the future and what is going to happen. Your journey now is about anchoring yourselves in the stable core within yourselves, feeling for the stable core of this universe, and allowing yourselves to enjoy this experience as best you can.

Lend a helping hand when it’s appropriate. But always take care of yourselves so that you can be of service and so that you can be a stable force in an otherwise unstable and chaotic experience of this shift that is universal in nature.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

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Channel: Daniel Scranton


4 thoughts on “The Universal Shift in Consciousness: Pleiadian High Council of Seven

  1. carmen

    Pleadeian High council,
    i m so gratitude your news letter,
    i m gratitude Daniel Scranton
    since all your messege i read i m more change
    what im befor what is new me now so derfor
    my life always forward, of cours aslong i m alive
    good or bad is com, i am good forward,
    Love and Light,,


    1. Daniel Scranton channels the Pleiadian Council of Seven. These beings are his guides, I believe. You can read about him at He posts chanelings daily, so check in every morning. I am so glad you find peace in reading the words of these beings. I often find myself envisioning their loving hearts wrapping around me in an embrace! Thank you for reading, Linda.


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