Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Transmuting Greed and Fear

By Aliyah Marr
Dedicated to the Architects of the New Earth

trans·mute (trăns-myo͞ot′, trănz-)
v. trans·mut·ed, trans·mut·ing, trans·mutes
To change from one form, nature, substance, or state into another; transform: Alchemists transmuted lead into gold.

For the last few days I have been focused on the word “wealth.” In my walking meditations I have explored what this word means to me. I know that I will use the money that comes to me for good. I have had a vision of what I will create once the funds and contacts appear to facilitate the creation of these projects for years now. So the word wealth brings up these words:

Creative freedom

Money could be a great way to bridge the old world and the new. It can go back to being a convenient way to exchange energy, and it can become a facilitator of change.

Money as a concept is today an energy that often reflects greed. We can transmute this energy into love, and put THAT energy of connection out in the system, instead of the energy of lack. Since money flows through a digital system, it transfers my conscious intent of love into the system very easily and quickly through the quantum physics of consciousness.

Every morning before I arise I spend some time setting up my vibration for the day while I am still half-asleep. This is a form of self-programming. I wanted to repeat the word “wealth” in my consciousness like a lullaby this morning. But what came up again and again in my semi-conscious state was the word, “greed.”

To me a concept is an entity, especially when we have put so much emotion on the concept and use it with those emotions. So if the word “wealth” is associated with the concept of “greed” in my mind, it was calling out to me to look at it, and transmute it with love. But first I had to understand it.

The Buddhists state that there are two types of emotions: skillful or unskillful. The difference between the two is the consciousness of the individual: skillful emotions are conscious expressions, while unskillful emotions are unconscious (wounded) emotions.

As the word “greed” kept on creeping in to my consciousness instead of the word “wealth,” I reflected on what skillful emotion might I transmute this word into.

To me, excitement is the skillful expression of the unskillful emotion of fear.

Greed is obviously a form of fear. What is that fear? Fear of loss. It IS loss. Greed is the result of the unprocessed experience of loss, which turns into the fear underlying the emotion.

The best way to transmute fear is to redefine it as excitement in the face of an unknown future.

The best way to transmute greed is to hug it, surround it with love and understanding.

Greed, as an emotion that expresses the unprocessed experience of loss, cannot be opposed, resisted, or destroyed. However, it can be transmuted with the power of love. Do not judge those who seem to be greedy, just surround them with support and understanding. If you find yourself in a feeling of lack or feeling unworthy because of financial loss or economic conditions, then don’t resist the feeling; instead just take the word that best expresses your emotion and visualize surrounding that word with love, comfort and understanding. It will transmute into a higher expression of the underlying energy.

Fear, which is personal insecurity, transmutes into the universal security of love.

Greed, which is fear of personal lack, transmutes into universal abundance.

~ Aliyah Marr

Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs
Dive into Your Dreams!

Copyright Aliyah Marr
Please share; include the links and copyright notice.

Source: Love Has Won


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