Daily Message: August 26, 2016

Joy is a high vibrating energy that is essential to you having a satisfying life experience. But for many of you joy seems elusive, or something that only happens sporadically throughout your lives. So how do you experience more joy?

Joy comes being fully present in the Now moment in alignment with Source energy. So this means allowing love to flow through you to another creates the experience of joy. Allowing yourself to fully receive love from another creates the experience of joy. Being of service brings joy. Surrendering to the flow of creation brings the experience of joy. Gratitude brings joy. Simply being still and allowing yourself to connect to the love of Source creates the experience of joy.

The feeling of joy has happened, for most of you, by stumbling into that magical combination of being fully present in the Now and in alignment with Source, through the catalyst of an external event – the birth of a child, experiencing sheer beauty on your planet, or a pure expression of love. But now that you understand what facilitates joy you can start to seek out that alignment consciously and start to infuse joy into your day to day life on a far more regular basis.

You have an endless capacity to experience joy and love. It will not become less special if you start to embrace it as part of your day to day existence, for it is infusing yourself with the energy of Home. It is your birthright, your sweet nectar to enjoy whenever you please. We hope you will choose to have that experience more and more as you move forward on your life journey, for that is exactly how you anchor the energies of heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel


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