Karma (Reap What You Sow) and Third Wave of Ascension with Archangel Michael via Mothergod

Greetings Dear Ones, The energies of the “Third Ascension Wave” is climaxing. Some already feel the energies approaching, as these energies are they most powerful since Planet Gaia manifested. There has been much information on what these energies are and the affects they will have on the Collective and the Planet. However, very few details has been given on the Karmic Energies that this Third Wave provides. There has been much miss and dis-information on Karma. Most of the Lightworkers are familiar to what is known in the 3D realm as negative karma. Some do not even know what karma is, let alone how this applies to their journey, soul growth and to the collective. Let us clarify the knowledge of Karma and how the Third Wave will play a significant role with Everyone residing Our Beloved Gaia.

Karma was never used throughout Creation. There was no need for it as Beings throughout Creation focused on Experiencing to gain knowledge and wisdom. Humanity was no exception. The original blue print for Humanity was a Heart Based race. You Feel and Experience physicality and All the Gifts Mother of All Creation, Prime Creator, The Holy Spirit has provided. The foundation of the experience is Love Mirroring Love. The “Old Controllers” had a different perspective. They implemented Karma during the time of Atlantis, as a form of Learning Lessons as appose to Experiencing and gain Wisdom.

There are two sides of Karma. The commonly known side is what most call “Negative Karma”. Now, let us clarify, there is NO negative or positive. There is only Choice. It is Choice that outlines the path of Karma to Flow in one’s lifetimes. You maybe asking yourselves, How does one acquire Karma? What does Karma have to do on the Planet and the Ascension?

Karma is simply acquired by how you live your life. Are you serving Love or are you serving Self. Simply as this…. The 3D paradigm which the old controllers created is based on survival and the needs, wants and desires of the mind=ego. Therefore, most of Humanity acquired Karma throughout their lives. Taking Full Responsibility, Forgiveness and Love of One’s Experiences transforms the karmic energies. If you are replaying the same experiences over and over again, it is because you have not learned your lessons.

Many confuse experience with occurrence. If you do not take responsibility for your experience and stuck with blame, judgement, anger, hatred and other lower conscious thoughts, then you simply had an Occurrence. Most of Humanity have occurrences throughout their lives and therefore lack experience and wisdom. Many of the Lightworkers will have difficulty with this Truth. Consider this… If Humanity was Wise and Knowing, they would have Ascended eons ago. Your societies, the planet, the Masculine and Feminine would be in complete harmony. There would be no need for any government to place laws upon your existence. Money would be nonexistent.  There would be no Divine Plan in place.

Keep in your Hearts Dear Ones, it was Your Souls who requested assistance from Our Mother and Father of All Creation to assist in Humanity’s Ascension. This is when the Divine Plan was created.

For those who are Serving Love, there is Karma acquired in the form of Gifts. These gifts are bestowed upon you by your angels, guides and other Benevolent Beings. These gifts can vary from special abilities and powers such as; healing, increased intuition, divine intelligence, accelerated manifestation, foresight and so much more. Lets clarify, channelers, mediums and other roles do not fall under gifts. These Beings are contracted to provide knowledge and to be an outlet for the Divine. They chose this prior to their incarnation.

It is through Service of Love, that one gains access to their Divine Gifts and become their True Selves. You may have come across Beings with such abilities and wondered how do they have these Gifts. Why are they unique? At some point in their lives, they serve Love and are bestowed these Gifts.

All who reside on Planet Gaia acquired a great deal of Karma throughout the eons. However, this was dissolved through the Grace Light of Mother of All Creation in 2009. All was Forgiven… This ended the Karmic Birth Cycle within the Astral Realm or the 4th Dimension where Souls would reincarnate. Although, this does not mean that Humanity would stop acquiring Karma after that point.

The Third Wave Energies that are coming onto the Planet will change the Karmic activity Everyone has been going through. Gifts or Lessons will be bestowed upon those on the Planet for past deeds. Karma will be coming through within moments or instantaneously. However, how one acquires Karma will change. If you are in the Ego=Mind, you acquire Karmic Lessons. If you are in the Heart, you acquire Karmic Gifts. The Mind doesn’t Serve Love. It Serves Itself. Serving Love and Serving Self are not One and the Same. The choice comes down to “Service to Love = Gifts, Service to Ego-Mind = Lessons” The Karmic Lessons are determined by the Soul. The Karmic Gifts are determined by your Angels, Guides and Star Family.

Dear Ones, Check Yourselves…. Be Brutally Honest to Yourselves with Impeccable Integrity in these Moments. Are You Serving Love or the Ego=Mind? Are You Self Important or in Unity Consciousness?

Those who Choose LOVE are going back to their Original State of Being. A race of the Heart… Co~Creators in Unity Consciousness with the Unified Heart, where We All Are One. Your Authentic Selves are Brilliant, Intuitive, Divine Intelligence, Whitty, Wholeness of Being, Heart Centered, Wise, Balanced, Passionate, Powerful and Unconditionally Loving. This Planet belongs to LOVE. Only those that are Pure of Heart and All that is Frequency specific to the energies of Unconditional Love, can reside on GAIA. This is part of Your Mission… to Transform the Old, Lower Energies and Anchor in the energies of Heaven. When you do this, you bring forth your Higher Selves and end the Cycle of Duality Forever.

To My Beloved Brothers and Sister Serving Love:

“Enjoy Your Gifts, They are Well Earned… Be Love and Shine Your Light”

To the “Old Controllers” and those who serve them Consciously or Unconsciously, I leave you with these words….

“You Reap What You Sow…”

I AM Archangel Michael, of Service to Humanity, to Creation, to LOVE, to Mother & Father of All Creation. I AM with You. LOVE Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally.

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


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Channeled On: August 26, 2016
Being Channeled: Archangel Michael
Channel: Mothergod from Love Has Won


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