The Lion Lays With the Lamb: Sources of True Spiritual Balance – Evelynn Woods

Written by Evelynn Woods

Greetings, friends, lightworkers, readers, and lovely people of earth!

We are a race of beings with potential far beyond what many visualize. We have minds with the ability to think of anything. Our minds have no limit. We are free in our mind, or so we believe.

We have been given much less freedom than you would believe. As systems of the mind are everywhere and limitations are a “natural” part of this society, it can be hard to fit your mind around the idea that we can think ANYTHING.

And so, as we increase our mind’s expansion, we are able to generate ideas that seemed laughable at the time that they did not exist. We are given the two conflicts. Our home, nature, is the earth. Much can be claimed by it, much can be determined and set out with. In fact, we have built our lives UPON the idea that nature with catch up with us. As if bears and mice with soon be sporting bluetooth headphones in a matter of years.

We must ask ourselves: Is our present-day technology the correct form of technological advancement that we want on our planet? Is it able to relate and connect simultaneously with Nature with benefits on both sides? Are there two sides to this technological “gadget”? There should be no two sides. In fact, as we ARE indeed nature, it is hard to think that has humans we are disconnected from our source!

The source of our entire beingness is the planet earth. We were given spiritual balances. We had the option to travel the healer’s path. But when we were fooled with various control tactics, we fell into the hands of technology that has given nature a reason to STOP THIS NONSENSE. Being a human being, capable of much more than the shallow superficial world of stupid and almost funny creations, can be difficult for those who understand.

Recently, my mother bought a selfie stick. She lives in Hawaii, far from me, but she came to visit last night. That idea made me realize how mind games are constructed. Our earth is a sacred place of love, light and personal experience. Stimulated experiences are stored in our memory, later to be dwelled upon with joy. Personally, I would rather leave the selfie stick out of that dream.

I get it though. Many people are attracted to the smart, clever ideas of the mainstream. People are all beautiful and I have not (recently) decided anything against anybody. I believe that because of their lack of understanding it is not their fault. I blame no one. Only the psyche of those who have controlled us over the years.

The lion is the human collective. It is the mainstream idea of humanity. It is the cars, the TVs, the cell phones, the highways cutting through the homes of animals. The lamb is the natural earth. It is the deer crossing the road, the bear shot for no reason other than sport, the harpooned whale, the dead grove of trees that is now a parking lot.

I hate to be so morbid. I do not like feeling hatred, sadness or rage in my physical and mental being. But as a human who UNDERSTANDS and CARES, it can be so hard to pretend. For those who understand the hardness, the pain, the inability to do much other than write our problems away, please know that I am with you.

We are walking this trail of life. We have turned it into a sidewalk. We have ripped up the Ancient Oak and replaced it with a gas station. My friends, it is so HARD.

But let us stand together. We are humans. We are rising. Those who Know are able to feel the dramatic shifts in energy. We are able to feel the tides of cosmic waves rise and fall. We are able to connect to the natural world and reach out as One Divine Being. We are all one being.

Now we must see that in order to advance into higher levels of consciousness, we must not increase our distance between ourselves and nature. In fact, we must do the opposite. We must slow down for nature. Our minds have been tricked into believing that we must be faster, stronger, bigger, and better. Instead, let the beauty of nature become a constant into your evolutionary existence.

Another anecdote: Earlier yesterday, I was driving, as most people do, and I noticed a big, handsome turtle in the middle of the road. It was a relatively busy road, and I had no idea how he even got to the middle of it without something terrible happening! I quickly pulled to the side of the road and hastened from the car. Then I saw the person who was speeding down the road, right for the turtle. They stopped the car as well. By the time I got there, they had moved him to safety. We had a short by heartfelt exchange.

It made me realize that, although our fast and NOW nature, we have the capability of slowing down and loving the world around us. Sometimes the mind judges. When I saw the person who was coming down the road toward the turtle, they did not strike me as a person who would willingly hop from the car and gently set the turtle down far away from the road’s ruckus.

This really made me SEE. It inspired me to write this, to share the speedy nature of humans, but also how loving compassion and a respect and relationship between nature and the self can really improve a life. And save one!

I have seen much about the way of human kind. We all deal with relief and the saving of lives in different ways. As a very emotional and sensitive person, I usually stop the car and jump out, running to save a little turtle lost on a busy road! But others may calmly step from their huge truck and caress the turtle, not minding when its sweet head slipped inside the shell, and place it at least 10 feet from the edge of the road.

Nature has supported us, guided us, and given us much to live by. I thank all of those who can understand the trueness of it.

Let the lion lay with the lamb, my friends!

Written by Evelynn Woods on August 29, 2016


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