Step Into Your Power: Upcoming Energetic Shifts – Sananda

Greetings my sweet Ones! I AM your brother in Love, Jesus Sananda coming today to join with thee and embrace you, to sit peacefully with all of you around a beautiful fire or in front of the Mother’s blue oceans, whichever you prefer at this time.

I love to come here and address all of you, to have you feel my deepest admiration and gratitude for your beautiful work and service to the whole creation of the Mother, even if at times you might not agree with Me, you may feel that you ought to Be somewhere else and up farther into your Mastery. It brings Me a big smile and I cannot stop laughing when I see you still denying your Magnificence and power.

I would have to admit that these are not easy times to be living on Earth for changes are not perceived as too pleasant and most of humanity is quite resistant to the new and with the stepping into the unknown, even if they are not happy with their current situation they would not allow any alteration or modifications of their sad reality. It could be frustrating to you, when you feel as you have been reaching and talking to a deaf audience, but rest assured that your mission is already accomplished and the seeding of the Light information and the necessary upgrades into the heart of the ones that are receptive is happening daily, and it doesn’t really matter if they are aware of this fact or not. Whenever a soul is ready to awaken from the slumber and to remove the veils, the illusions, and to see the Truth, then it will be an instant occurrence and yes, the teacher will appear. I know your heart desire is that your ‘students’ will learn in a easier fashion, awaken and remember the Unconditional Love and the Truth without having to go through their personal major trauma/s and most are indeed able to take a more peaceful and less rocky route while learning from other’s “mistakes”and experiences, but sometimes a soul has a different agenda and contract to fulfill, or simply chooses to take many scenic detours, until eventually will get safely Home. You have to understand that you all have free will and there are plenty of Guardians in the unseen watching over and guiding them, by being the detached observer and holding a neutral attitude, while blessing and sending Love to the ones in need, you are of the best service that you can Be.

The upcoming energetic shifts and openings have great opportunities for You here to step into your power and truly Be the walking Masters on Earth. That requires great stamina and strength, which you all have by now, and it gets constantly increased and replenished when in need by simply calling on Me or finding your way Home into the Mother/ Father/One’s arms. It also entails maintaining a refined balance and loving and compassionate detachment throughout your days, even if that means laughing at your selves when you don’t make sense of everything and decide to move on anyway, getting further on your path, one step at the time!

Let’s Lighten up dear hearts and let’s have some fun and playful time while here on Earth, it is very exciting and there are wonderful doors and opportunities opening now for you, since it is the time, and it is Our time!

I AM here with you, in Love and always!



Channeled on August 29, 2016 by Genoveva.


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