Activation and Stimulation of the Crystalline Light Body – Energy Update

Aloha beautiful light family,

Okay, we have “speed all up” frequencies…. huge timeline collapses/convergences have occurred. We have gamma (ohhhhhh so love gamma) that super duper energize, yet create chaos for those not present, so slow down, focus and utilize….

These activate and stimulate the Crystalline Lightbody… so many will feel the impulses, the high charges, electrical impulses WAKING THE LIGHTBODY UP, through the entire body.

These are “doing energies” for those who have been not able to produce due to the huge waves that open the heart coming through. These are my “git-r-done” frequencies… that seem to only come a couple times a month….

So, utilize everything. I am. I’ve got massive amounts of work piled and was begging for these! For those who can’t do, because of the amount of energy running through you, just honor this. Most important.

These awaken all of those centers, all that was suppressed, triggering FEELING (numbness & tingling come with these), for purification of those programs. These stimulate sexual stuff too, yet for many reasons that are too many to cover here. They also activate genetic re-coding, so we have LOTS GOING ON with these.

They also speed time up and things can go haywire “out there”. They will “push” many to “do”, for a timeline collapse takes away other options and is “deal with it time”.

We also have huge solar winds… which help create ease and flow. These keep things easy…. so both in one space, awesome! High frequency solar winds singing beautifully…..

Just observe and see what’s going on. Focus, honor and move your body with the flow… however it presents for you… There are so many dimensional realities now, it’s hard to write about some activations anymore, for each will experience their own dimensional experience… and each is different… depending on many things.

Injoy!!! It’s slam time for me! I love you!!!! I’ll be posting as I go. Have a super duper electrifying magical day!!!! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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