Twin Soul Karma Clearing: Wisdom from Lisa Transcendence Brown

Amplification energies trigger obsession energies so that distortions become huge in order to clear the thought/emotional energy still inside that’s keeping all bound to realities that are no longer true, fulfilling PURITY within our own lives…..

For me, this was my old Twin relationship… which was way past time for being resolved within me, yet no matter how many times I cleared it, even with a year apart and no contact, there was always something still there… as my universe would keep bringing him back around and showing me that I was to assist with his awakening here.

When the amplification energies went full-blown about 10 days ago, the amplified thoughts began, and I knew what it was, yet it’s got to get so huge that we are able to break the energy ourselves and clear it from our cellular memory and our energy field. Until yesterday… It’s been a week of exacerbated thoughts, driving me bonkers… and then I needed a “trigger” to help me clear it all out. Triggers hit us deeply, bring up hurt and even though we are not really hurt, we need to feel the feeling so that we can come to clarity inside. This took me to my core, so that I could see… and it only took a couple of hours to finalize eons of our Twin Soul Karma that we brought forth to experience here. I didn’t realize until then, that was what we were clearing …. finally…

For me, it was a HUGE welcomed experience, not comfortable in the moment, yet totally understood and honored… and to come to the realization that I had been done for a really long time, yet I needed this final trigger…

For the KEY was that I moved him from Twin Soul Status to “Just” Soul Family status…. he no longer holds a “special” place for me. He’s no more special than all of my soul family is…. whom I love dearly and we come together to support each other from time to time, yet are not in each others immediate realities all of the time… and there is honor, respect and deep love… as we have for ourselves….

Once I cleared the entire distortion, I realize that I have no desire for him in my reality anymore. There’s no connection, inspiration (anymore), productive purpose, no reason and it’s not fulfilling our higher consciousness realities here. I’ve wished him well and hope/know he will have an amazing life. The difference is that he doesn’t need to be in mine. This is a HUGE revelation… and a huge timeline shift… for now, I get to be happy (not like I wasn’t already, for I am whole within myself and do not do things from lack)… yet I do things from love where the other may be in a very different place, and with him, I was always there, because I could be… and we had contracts/agreements to be there for each other…. yet those are now paid in full. As a soul, we will always be connected…

He and I have come together and parted several times over the last couple of years, played out every role possible along the way, in every aspect, which was the point. It was a gift that we both gave each other “then”. Yet the distance between us was vast, for the space between galaxies/dimensions is dependent on how open/closed one’s heart is and how much they embody their own soul…. I’ve released him from my reality…. my life… and it’s beyond FREEING and LIBERATING to feel!

Just thought I’d share, for anyone else going through these things. We are all moving into higher consciousness realities and we have no desire to take the old programmed ones with us! Doing all of this with our hearts and souls wide open…. so that we can experience the most amazing realities in-every-moment now!

I love you! Let’s rock this. Luckily, I can Master many dimensions simultaneously and none interfere with the others…. as we’ve got lots of awesomeness to share!

P.S. The activation and completion phase of the Divine Sacred Union and Three-Fold Flame for me took about 7 months to integrate fully from activation to culmination phase. This Twin Soul resolution was the result of that. Everything is connected… and a part of our entire process here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Author: Lisa Brown


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