You Are Being Purified, Not Punished – Mary Magdalene

Question: The past year has been a huge shift for me in my consciousness and I feel like I’m pretty much a different person. I feel peace and joy, and my fear is way less than it use to be. But along with all this, I have all these health challenges and they just keep coming. My body doesn’t seem to be going along with the rest and it has been so intense. I don’t know what’s going on and if there is anything I can do to help my body.

Mary Magdalene: Thank you. Thank you for what you are doing and thank you for what you are bringing.

You probably are aware that you certainly are not alone with what is manifesting and the pattern you are seeing in your life. There is a huge transformation underway in your world. There are many levels that this is happening at and individuals are oftentimes participating in multiple ways.

The physical body is often challenged in the midst of this. In many ways, the physical body is the stage where this transformation is being played out. While you are transforming into a different being, a higher frequency being, your body is oftentimes not able to change as easily because it is still rooted in the physical. And it also is carrying anything that still remains to be purified. This often shows up as health challenges, sickness, physical breakdown…

Certainly, when anyone is experiencing anything like this they should check with the medical system to be sure they are getting whatever help can be offered through doctors, naturopaths, whatever. But for many people, it is fundamentally a spiritual process and the medical-physical help will only go so far.

It is very important to pray.

Questioner: Pray?

Mary Magdalene: Pray and ask for help. Pray and ask for clarity of what you need to do, what you need to understand to work with this in the highest way, for yourself and the entire process.

Some of this many not be personal. It may be that you are purifying planetary things through your body. There are those who are doing this, who have agreed on a soul level to do this, not alone, but to be a part of this. This can be another reason why there can be challenges that don’t seem understandable or don’t seem to have an explanation. It may not be entirely your own.

Prayer is your strongest resort. Prayer is the strongest force you have, because ultimately everything wants to be aligned, attuned to God. That is the nature of creation. Prayer is one of the greatest avenues of doing that, of releasing whatever is standing in the way of that.

It is always wise to ask for grace and ease if you are asking for release or change of any form. And ask. Always ask. Do not hold back from asking. Ask for whatever you need, even if it seems unspiritual to ask, or selfish, or whatever. Ask for exactly what you need.

Questioner: The hard part is I do ask. Then, when it appears that nothing’s happening, I feel abandoned. I’m sure this is my Catholic upbringing, but it’s almost like I’m being punished in some way. I don’t feel loved. That’s the hardest part.

Mary Magdalene: So this is the prayer: Ask for love. Ask for connection in those times. Ask for understanding.

It is not the case that you are being punished. It is not the case that you have done something wrong or bad. That may be the piece that you are purifying. That is the place to find God in. Ask for help right from that place.

Questioner: Thank you.

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Mary Magdalene


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