You Exist In All Places, At All Times – Makawee the Deer Spirit via Eva Manda

Greetings! I am Makawee, spirit of the gentle doe fawn. I hear you with soft ears, and I sense you through light eyes. As I speak to you now, I am watching you become as you are, your true, divine selves. Nothing about you is untrue, or unreal. You are judged and confined into labels every day, yet you are All and you are Nothing. Let no judgement through your mind. Let no fear invade your heart.

As divine beings of the fifth dimensional realm, you are evolved enough to know that the Creator made you with love, gentleness and Confidence. Nothing is the matter, because matter is an illusion of your dimension’s laws.

You exist in every place. All dimensions welcome your inviting and loving energies into their locations, into their hearts. You belong in all places. You are welcome in every realm. And as you ascend, you will notice that you are capable of venturing to those realm, traveling to all galaxies, stars, realms, ships, universes, cosmic creations! It may be hard to see at this moment, but you will Know as soon as you flip on the switch.

Time is a tracking device, something used to keep all in place. But it is not needed. It is like the financial illusion. Until you become aware of all around you, and that everything given is to be in no debt, no iou-s. Nothing you give should be a weight on another’s shoulders. But, because of the human desire, and the centuries of the currency system control, you must slowly adapt.

As you ascend out of time, and into momentous bloom, you will see that All is well, and All will be forgiven. Time is a placeholder of something much more complex and profound.

Love to you, dear hearts!

Channeled by Eva Manda
The Deer (Dear) Spirit, Makawee
August 30, 2016

Artist: Yuumei


One thought on “You Exist In All Places, At All Times – Makawee the Deer Spirit via Eva Manda

  1. I love Makawee the Deer spirit via Eva Manda! I love all of these posts! I have enjoyed the collection of writings that seemed so geared to my own spirit!

    Please tell me how I can contribute to your web site via financially or as a contributing thought/writer etc. if you would like me to that is!~

    Gentle Deer

    Liked by 1 person

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