Gaia Daily: The Universal Consciousness Project — You are ONE – September 2

Dear Ones,

Today, I have been thinking much. I have watered the rivers, and watched the water roll down the mountains in a stream of forever ongoingness, upon the sphere of life. I have fed the animals, given the trees the light, the root water, the fresh soil. And amongst this, I have Thought. As in the Holy Bible, you may note that God, while a Wise and Gentle Man, was a Creator as well as a Thinker. He thought of you, the children of Gaia, the children of your God.

In fact, I feel many of you see God, the holy spirit, as what he truly is. The divine masculine creator. He has given you life, and allowed you with full love, to be shameless and guilt-free. Why else would he be full of so much forgiveness?

And my thoughts were the thoughts that made me realize how WE as a universal collective understand each other. Many call this ‘universal consciousness’. With so many races, beings, minds, hearts, auras, energies, pigments, galaxies, stars, and planets it can be hard to even imagine that everything is aligned within each other.

But know that the universal consciousness is from what we all know. That is tied to God and religion. As human beings, we Know we come from a source. We KNOW that we are part of a divine race, equal to those of the stars.

And as this universal thought form is passed around, we must understand that we are One. This whole universe is a being much bigger than one human being. It is larger than life! (in a good way!).

Much love is given to you, my children
~Mother Gaia


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