You Must Learn to Trust the Body – Mary Magdalene

Question: I think my next step is knowing that I am connected to Source and that I am loved. I would like some advice on how to do that better. Right now I’m just trying to align myself and remember I am in my heart.

Mary Magdalene: The strongest way is to find the places where you don’t do that. This is your greatest help, through the places where you feel the most disconnected. Are you in touch with that at this time?

Questioner: I’m aware that sometimes I’m not connected to feeling my pain, or even aware when I’m in pain. My reaction has been one of frustration with all the physical things that are going on and my inability to take care of that.

Mary Magdalene: Physical, as in health?

Questioner: Yes, changes in the body, pains, injuring things in minor ways, or not being able to heal myself.

Mary Magdalene: What is your response when these things happen?

Questioner: I’m learning to love my body anyway, to accept that this is a just a body and this is where it is right now, in time

Mary Magdalene: For most people, the effect of that kind of thinking is to alienate yourself from your own being

Your body is in a certain kind of pain and you are adding another layer on top of it. This is often what is done with children. When children are crying, the adult says, “Don’t cry. Everything’s fine.” But that’s not the child’s reality. The child’s reality is that they are in pain.

The effect of that kind of communication over time is to tell them “Your reality isn’t real.” Then they start to dissociate from their experience. They think there must be something else they’re supposed to be feeling, other than what they actually are feeling.

Does that make sense?

Questioner: It does. I think I’m feeling what’s going on with my body. I just get frustrated with it because I want to make it better.

Mary Magdalene: Yes. You must let go of your goal.

Questioner: Yes.

Mary Magdalene: Your body has a different plan.

Questioner: Apparently

Mary Magdalene: Are you willing to trust it?

Questioner: Hmmm…I think if I can love myself and know that I’m loved, then I can trust across the board.

Mary Magdalene: It tends to happen in the reverse order. When you trust your body and open to it, you will find the love. Until you do that, it will be your head working against your heart

Questioner: Yes, I have a lot of intellectual energy

Mary Magdalene: Yes. That is the inner union of the Masculine and the Feminine, right there.

There is fear of opening to the Feminine, opening to the body. What if it takes you into the darkness and you never come out? That is the great fear of opening to the Feminine.

Questioner: Thank you.

Mary Magdalene: Thank you.

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