A Balancing of Your Energy System – Archangel Raphael

Good afternoon Dearest Ones,

I, Raphael, would like to talk about the energy that is coming onto the planet at this time.  I know you are feeling heavy and that is because it is a clearing energy at this time.  If you are feeling sad it is because the sadness in your heart is clearing away and lifting.  If you are feeling a lower self worth it is because it is a clearing of the low self worth in your energy system.  Do not fear that this is a bad thing.  You may not enjoy the feeling but take pleasure in knowing that you will soon be filled with a lighter frequency that will allow for more enjoyment on your planet.  Please allow the relationships that are ending to end with a degree of dignity and know that new ones will soon be forming that will meet your needs at a higher level.  I would ask you to take a moment or ten to examine your childhood to see the source of the blocks you are clearing at this time.  When you look more deeply into the patterns that are repeating you can now allow them to come into the light and heal so that your new patterns to repeat will be of joy and love.  This is what I would like of all of you at this time.  This is the work that you are doing, whether you realize it or not, and this is a balancing of your energy system.  It is a coming into alignment, if you will, with your true self.  If you can do so it will make the change that you have all agreed to make much easier and well worth it.  All the Angels are looking at this change and new opportunity that you will be experiencing with excitement for you have lived without knowing your heart far too long.

ArchAngel Raphael



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