Ascension is Upon You – The Elohim via Cherie Frances

From the Elohim Channeled by Cherie Frances.

We are your soldiers. Legion of Light. You refer to us as “angels” however we are more than that. We are working to bring about God’s delight here on Earth.

Please tell them of our capacity to love unconditionally at all times.

We love all life on Earth unconditionally at all times. We bestow upon thee the ultimate penance of forgiveness, gratitude and love for existing as the beings you are. We forever hold unto thee un-limitless possibility for God’s grace and mercy; to befall upon thee the ultimate truth of mercy and salvation. We do not disregard anyone who follows the Light of love. We rescue all who turn to Her in times of need. Our God-Mother, beautiful and strong she the salvation of the dawn; the epitome of strength and virtue. No more shall anyone wander recklessly. We gather all weary souls feeling separate of the Light. Ascension is upon thee. Do not falter, difficult times are ahead for us. We will be with you every step of the way, cheering and acknowledging your virtues when you do not see any fortune or faith. Be that as it may this is your time to squander your resources of abundance and acknowledge the truth of your being. You ARE loved. You are bestowed with love from God’s heavenly being and represent to all of us a new wave of evolvement, evolution, dignity and purpose.

We love you.

We are the Elohim.

Channeled by Cherie Frances
Source: Love Has Won


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