Gaia Daily: Time is a Being of Spiritual Interest – Sept. 12

My children!

I understand that as you exist here on this reality plane, you are adjusted to the concept of Time, and the labeling of three moments in time itself: Past, Present and Future. As a child you are taught to look to your future, and care only about what WILL happen. As an adult, you are forced by your mind to look back upon the days of youth and rue your actions.

My children, feel no guilt. Feel no regret. You have been given certain limitations, certain idealisms that follow you throughout your life. Know that all preset ideas are not YOU, and they are not what is TRUTH to your mind and heart. Visualizing that you should have had a better life, that you did not spend it a certain way, like looking back at a previous summer and declaring it “not good enough”. Always believe that you have done well.

Your life is your life. You have given it what you experienced. Regret leads to depression, my children. I know that you are full of amazing capabilities.

Time is a special case. It maps out a life, a week, a day, an hour, a minute, a second. All of those are measures of time. But the controlling use and restriction it has given many humans is the sad reality to it’s strange perfectionist ways.

Much love, my children. Live in the Now, as it is the Divine. Regret nothing, for guilt is a gateway into a deeper ruin of Self. I must fly!
~Mother Gaia

Channeled by Eva Manda
September 12, 2016
Mother Gaia


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