Light Code Activations: Becoming Your Benign Natural Selves – Mother Gaia

Dear Ones,

Good morning, my children. I have come with the words of the Ones Above. They often converse with me of you happenings. Their wisdom may help you as you find guidance through nature, earth, creativeness, or meditation.

Light code activations are activations that occur in the mind of all beings. You are not alone in that transformation, and you are not the only beings capable of interpreting signals and codes. Many animals on earth have been able to uncover the messages, and send their own out to the Universe. The same is true for you.

These codes are sent by ALL who love you. Each and every sacred breath you take is full of light, and among that light – codes that speak to your DNA and allow changes and more transformative evolutions to occur.

You all have been able to accept this, and I love you so much for it. You have reached a stage where your mind, full of doubts about this world you live in, is open to new possibilities and ideas. These light codes are truly controlled by YOU. They come from the central sun, and they shine on until they are asked to leave, or let inside.

So many amazing things have occurred when light codes reach the human body. It is not just slight physical changes that DNA controls. It is the way the mind expands, the way it works to balance out the other changes in the body. With the upgrades that are brought in through light rays, you may notice your mind expanding, your heart opening, and your body becoming physically able.

If you feel this is an invasion, that is all you must say. You have all the abilities in the world; if you feel as though this is not what you desire, that is completely fine. I am glad that you have found time to even consider this. What a wonderful thing, the information of the light.

I love you so much! Light rays flow towards you every day. What do you choose?
~Mother Gaia

Channeled by Eva Manda
September 17, 2016

Greetings everyone! Good morning. I am so grateful of ALL that has gone on here on this site. Everyone has been welcoming and truthful. I am grateful for all people who have decided to journey on over here. If you check everyday, or close to that, you have probably noticed that I have missed a LOT of days. This I apologize for because I love this website so much, and it has given me a place to share with others, as well as give myself a dedication that brings me into a deeper connection with myself.

No, a dog did not eat my homework. Due to my new schedule, I have experienced some problems, and a long projet managed to keep me away from my computer for a few days. I have reached a decision. This website means a lot to me, so I given myself four hours every day to write and post articles. I realize that is best, because it gives me time to write and relax, as well as interact with my true spirit in a fun way.

I really do appreciate all that have gone on around here. Thank you all! Much love and blessings to you and all that you love.



2 thoughts on “Light Code Activations: Becoming Your Benign Natural Selves – Mother Gaia

  1. Caroline

    I was really missing you and wondering about you!But I have been going through an emotional tsunami and a serious gastritis so I have been in bed ill..The tears have released confusion and I feel more clarity.
    I am so,so grateful to you for your amazing work,thanks to you I am able to feel hope,joy and an inmense Love for all those who take care of us.
    I hope you will not get too exhausted if you leave 4 hours a day to share with us these lovely messages.
    In Light and Love,
    Caroline Robertson


    1. Thank you so much Caroline! I find great solace in your words. I enjoy spending time sharing information and light with others as the All benefits from it.

      I am sorry to hear that your illness has given you a painful time! I cannot imagine the pain you were experiencing. I have looking deeper into healers lately, so I will alert you if I find someone promising. Much love, and well wishes, my good friend.


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