Libraries of Sacred Knowledge: Mother Gaia – 9/21

Dear child of the stars, sun, moon and earth,

You are constantly being communicated with. Your mind is being upgraded, refreshed and renewed every second. With this information, I slide into a new topic. Yes, all this information is being given to you. You can choose to accept it, or decline it. Do not think for a second that you have no say in this matter. No being in the multiverse has the power to overcome YOUR mind, and your heart.

As a child, you are becoming older, and therefore, you seek more knowledge. What has been occurring in a child’s life is that when you teach them school requirements, like math and strict learning codes, you are setting their new information (foreign information) “switch” to DECLINE.

It is obviously not this simple, but the point I am trying to make is clear. I love you all, and I hope you can understand that children are completely capable of anything you can imagine.

Now we turn to adults and elder. By the time you are in your late 20s, most of you do not question the system. Of course, this is not your fault. But when you awaken, and you open your mind to new ideas, new possibilities, you are letting in the informations. Many times, an awakening occurs when so much information is surrounding your mind, looking for a way in, and then your mind opens slightly, for the tiniest second. All that information slips right in.

Now we come to my real point: what discerns helpful and resourceful information from propaganda-like information or downloads? Certainly, you cannot block ALL of the spam! And so, that is true. Occasionally, a piece of knowledge with a negative intention or agenda “breaks into” your mind. This is a rogue thought. It may be a trolling device. It may be a genuine doubt.

If you are a lightworker, or someone who has awakened to a bigger picture, whatever you believe to be true, your mind is always being used as a library. You are creating a sacred library of your mind. The strange thing is, you may not know how to find the key!

The key to your library is in your mind somewhere. It can be located anywhere. If I were to say that your key was in your memories, that means that you could have a blocked memory. This is assuming that you cannot find the key. Allow yourself to except everything. Release all tension, and claim your key.

You will receive access to your library. This is the place where all the downloads and information is stored. Know that a library keeps ALL material, even some things that may not appeal to you, nor your heart.

You are in control of your self. Know that well, and know that now. When you feel something is not in your view of Earth, or you believe it to be unhelpful, or programming, discard it. This is YOUR mind. You are able to trash it, make it disappear.

My dear children, I must go. I love you with ALL my heart. Open your library today, and journey into the depths of your mind!

-Mother Gaia

Channeled by Eva Manda
September 21, 2016
Daily Message: Libraries of Sacred Knowledge


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