Creation is Key to Love: Create the All Around You – Mother Gaia

Dear Ones,

You are always on the move nowadays. Vacations, business trips, flying, running, crawling, jumping. Your mind is in so many places, so many worlds at one point of time. This is one of the results from your becomingly more advanced technological leaps. You have mastered the art of the mind: computers, phones, tablets, electronic devices that function for no other reason than to massage your feet!

And with these advancement comes a desire to create more! To make more of your life, and to see what has become of it. Ideas, thoughts, inventions are all tumbling through each of your heads. Every thought is a collective thought. It is true that no one can truly control your thoughts, or even hear and understand them. But are you so sure that your thoughts are yours?

Creation is the beginning of life. It is the truth we seek as we become more aware, as we awaken to depth, to the great wonders of the beyond. Yes, create all you can. But remind yourself that this world is not as shallow as they make it seem. Think beyond the crust, and peer into the beauty and nourished curiosity that is the inner worlds.

Much love, my dear children!
~Mother Gaia

Channeled by Eva Manda
September 22, 2016
Mother Gaia / Daily Message


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