Redefining Earth Embers

Greetings, readers! I am sure you have noticed I have not posted in a long time (about 2 weeks). You may also have seen that the website itself has changed in appearance. Lately, my mind has been distracted beyond belief! I apologize for these frequent changes in posting activity. I have decided that I cannot promise anything because so many things can happen in life. I will definitely try to do at least 2 posts a day. Eva Manda left for Russia due to family matters about a week ago, and will be gone for a little over a month. Sadly, this means that Mother Gaia (Gaia Daily) will not be as frequent. She will try her best to do them at least once a week, but until she returns, and even then, Gaia Daily may not be daily.

I myself have needed some time away from the computer, and that is why I took that leave 2 weeks ago. I am so sorry I could not have alerted you. I now know that I cannot promise much, but I hope to keep this website new and fresh with updated content and love.

Personally, I have felt that defining things can shut down senses, build boundaries, and limit a huge, broad term. Perhaps a bookcase cannot be defined as a bookcase! Physically, it IS a bookcase, and it is shaped like all bookcases we have seen. But what if that bookcase held something besides books? The dictionary defines a bookcase to be “a set of selves containing books”. But this bookcase is different! Maybe it holds movies, or school supplies. This can rewrite the whole definition, and make it into something new.

I would never go as far as to set an exact definition of Earth Embers. I will admit, I have in the past. Now, as I begin to notice all the things my readers see, I realize that there is no definition. I have made many friends here, and it has been a source for me as well as for all of you. I cannot limit this experience, nor put it into these tiny words that have often been exaggerated.

This is something I believe in. I will not be throwing myself into this website as though it is my life, but I would never back away from what I have here. I love sharing with all of you the exciting ideas of our world. Sometimes, I may share things that others do not agree with. I have never minded people expressing their opinion and I encourage all readers to express, express, express. If you find a concept confusing, untrue to you, or particularly dark, comment and start a conversation.

I do my best to reply to all comments, and I love talking to ALL people. Feel free to contact me, or just start commenting.

Much love during your ascension journey! Blessings!

-Evelynn Woods (Editor)

(I love how the word editor sounds!)


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