Daily Message for Saturday, October 15, 2016

Asking the universe for a sign is a wonderful practice that can be very supportive to you moving forward. Working with spirit in such a way perpetuates surrender, flow, and acceptance. It keeps you in the present moment as you look for the signs and synchronicities, and also supports the practice of gratitude. And it helps you to fortify your trust by seeing how the universe is always responding to you, and lovingly guiding the way. You are never bothering us by asking for a sign. In fact, we love when you do, for it is through the asking that you find answers, and keep yourself in beautiful supported forward movement. It is great fun for us to leave surprises for you and to see you experience the magic of your co-creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

Trinity Esoterics

Good afternoon everyone! Today’s message has made my top favorites. While short, these messages are always full of spirit. Today, I found the love and magic in this one to be particularly beautiful and fortifying. The Universe is our mother, a good friend, and an ally of love. We must know that with love, comes love. Thank you so much for reading. These messages appear daily, and if I happen to forget one, go to TrinityEsoterics.com for the daily message. They usually post around noon. Much love!!!



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