The Sirian Messages: October 27, 2016


Greetings, dear ones,

Time and space surrounds you constantly, in a whirlwind of forever-consciousness and beautiful symphonies. But only a small percentage of that wonder reaches us, here on earth. Through the smog, through the void space, you will find an amazing discovery – the beauty of the universe. You cannot see it with telescopes, you cannot truly understand this concept until you are right in front of it. I certainly cannot explain it with perfect accuracy in the limited language of English. But I do believe, someday, you will see the beauty of the universe, and witness the symphonic harmonies of the stars and planets.

Today’s topic is much related to the above passage. I will be touching upon, briefly, how to open yourself up to wonder that you cannot truly encompass in what you already know. Let us begin!

Wonder is a beautiful way to feel/express the beauty or amazement of something you notice, taste, feel, see, hear, or smell. Wonder comes from the senses, and through those senses, your mind may not be able to comprehend what is going on. A very plausible reaction to this is wonder.

You may notice that this expression of feeling can be hard to come by in today’s material earth. It sometimes feels like everything has been discovered, and yet nothing has been restored to its natural state. You may find it hard to open yourself UP to wonder, because that would mean that YOU cannot fully understand it. The human ego has risen through education systems and jobs. It can be hard to admit to yourself that you just don’t get it.

But when you open yourself up to the feeling, you are realizing that nothing is inside your comprehension range. Even us Sirians are not able to fully encompass the “whole picture” of the universe. Wonder comes from understanding and ACCEPTING that you cannot understand. While you have been given an exact definition of wonder, know that definition fade and morph into new things.

And with this, I hate to leave you. Know that in truth, I am not. We are not. We will always be here. Thank you dear ones.

We are all here in a universe of constantly shifting perimeters. Let us realize that together, we are one, and we are more powerful in soul and heart. Olohoja, koja! Olomitoj, koja! (Joy, dear ones! Bliss, dear ones!)
Naihulos the Sirian

Channeled by Evelynn Woods
October 27, 2016
Wonder Throughout the Earth, and How to Open Yourself To It


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