Encouraging Words – Thoughts on “Creative”

A few years ago, I remember the jolt that went through me every time I saw the word ‘create’. I became interested in website design, and with every “Create a New Website!” I was hooked. “Create a Free Book, a Newspaper, a Personalized Magazine!” Pop that word in front of practically ANYTHING, and I couldn’t resist. It was just something I found so intriguing, the way the word rolled over my tongue, or maybe it was the chance to make something new, something nobody else had made in that exact way.

Of course, this “weakness” made me a sucker for ad websites and crappy recipes, but I never really noticed. I was just happy that I was creating stuff! And to be totally honest, I don’t regret anything I did. I didn’t mind that I wasted time making countless quizzes online that nobody would take. I just loved that I found creating things so FUN.

I still love that word. But now that I hear it all the time, coming out of mouths for reasons I really don’t care about, I’m not as sensitive. Sometimes, I wish I was. I miss that sensation of my ability to make WHATEVER I wanted. That jolt that went through me, my fingers scrambling to pick up the padded felt markers at CVS (CREATE handmade masterpieces with these markers!). Everything seemed so much… simpler.

Do any of you have any words like that? That make you get all excited, and give you that jolt? Please feel free to share. Thank you for listening to my thoughts. Much love and good luck tonight. I wish you all the best!

-Evelynn Woods


2 thoughts on “Encouraging Words – Thoughts on “Creative”

  1. I love the metaphor, symbol, allegory, analogy, parable or riddle of the sphinx where there is every answer to no question and no answers whatsoever to every question. That Sphinx has never stopped blowing my mind with it’s genius. It is the SYMBOL OF SYMBOLS and the reason humanity still shops at Walmart and watches Simpsons.


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