Ambassadors of Light – The Angels via Ann Albers

It is a beautiful time upon your planet earth to be alive! It is a time of great movement and change. Where there once was stagnation, now there are no longer any shades of gray. You are all being asked, what it is you want to embody –  fear or love? Will you worship false idols, give your power to other outer circumstances or other human beings, or will you put your unwavering faith Creator and Source of life that cares about every hair on your head and knows every one of your true wants and needs.

Will you embrace bigotry, hatred, divisiveness and judgment, or will you instead, surrender to the love inside of you that is longing to surface. Can you attempt to see the truth inside of everyone – the Divine spark that is attempting to surface? Will you join others in their pain and darkness or will you speak up on behalf of love?

It is time upon the earth to take a stand – not for political parties, ideologies, not for or against anyone or anything, but simply a stand for truth, love, kindness, compassion… for all that is the deepest and most beautiful within you.

Beyond race, religion, creed, gender, belief, socio-economic status… beyond your actions, your circumstances, your appearance, your income… beyond the good you’ve done or the mistakes you made… You are light. You are Love. You are at one with all of creation, swimming in a sea of light! You are embodiments of the One love in all its glorious forms!

If God were the musical scale, each of you is a symphony of energies! If God were a pantry, each one of you is a delicious soup! If God were the spectrum of light.. you are colors of the rainbow! You are precious unique manifestations of an energy field so vast, loving, intelligent and beautiful that it cannot be put into words. Each of you lives within one another as surely as the entire ocean lives within each wave. Weak or strong, each ripple is felt in the entirety of the ocean itself. Each wave makes a difference. So do you.

Choose love dear ones – a Divine love that acknowledges the light within all things, no matter how bright or how dimly they bring it to the surface. Be the ones who love rather than hate, seek to unify rather than separate, seek to understand rather than to be understood. As you enter this season of light, remember… you can be an ambassador of light in your beautiful world.

Channeled by Ann Albers
On November 26, 2016


One thought on “Ambassadors of Light – The Angels via Ann Albers

  1. shaun

    im all that there is,was and ever shall be you are my raindrops as i am your sea
    a perfectly miniture fractol of me a unique point of focus we see individualised
    as two become one we become three i am we are all is me, myself and i as love is
    free will a gift to reap wot you sow,get back wot you give so let your love flow as
    whot goes around comes around as above so below we live learn and grow
    through th experiance,wisdom and clarity of polarity in duality the singularity
    love in action energy in motion expansion/contraction ,push and the pull as iam that i am that i am being you knowing thyself as the harmonic of perfection beauty powerand grace tribe of meny colors the i am presonce.
    HU man bieng love ,as love is all that there is


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