Makawee the Deer Spirit

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Makawee the deer spirit is a part of Eva Manda’s collection of guides. She is the spirit of a fawn. When she was incarnated, it was 1209, and she resided in what is now known as Connecticut. Her herd was strong and great, running the forest with their untamed spirits. Makawee was taken from the earth at a young age, when disease struck the herd.

She currently helps other deer herds with guidance through the physical world. Because of Makawee’s past, she has become a spirit healer: one who works with the spirits of the earth. Makawee has learned much from many teachers and mentors. She works only with what the earth provides, and heals physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.

Makawee’s family was very close to her. This created a strong love for the closeness of relatives and elders. She represents the love of sacred Grandparents, as well as the spirit of the mother.

When you feel in doubt, or in need of healing for any illness, call upon Makawee. She is known to ease the pain of the trodden, and the sick. If you wish to contact her, reciting the phrase, “Makawee, mother, healer, aushhh”. If you are native to a language other than English, recite the words in your true language. Makawee welcomes all cultures, all beings.

The Forest of Makawee

I am Eva Manda. Makawee is my healing guide, and she makes up my collection of guides that tend to me, and others. I became close with her when I moved to New England. My home is located beside a thick forest covered with dappled light, the perfect place for a group of deer. I have always loved deer, with their gentle nature and prideful, but not arrogant, gallop. Their majesty is matched by their modesty, and I had fallen in love with them at an early age.

When I glimpsed a beautiful fawn eating away at my blackberry bush next to my porch. I immediately felt a strong bond begin to form between me and the deer. I started to place baskets of fruit beside my porch in hopes they would come nibbling in. I saw more than the occasional deer. It really was amazing.

A few nights after seeing the first fawn, I had a dream in which a deer with branches of silver and brown entwined softly around her body approached me. When I tried to disentangle the branches from her, she stopped me and told me that she was one with the earth, and she enjoyed the feeling of the limbs against her body.

I began to see that deer in my dreams more often. It was only a few months after our first encounter that I heard her voice in my ears, telling me knowledge. I saw her slim figure standing at the edge of a tunnel of sunny green apple trees. The first words she said that day was “I am Makawee”. From then on, I have had many conversations with her. At times, I do not even record our discussions. I just flow with her, and enjoy her presence.

I know that she lives in the forest beside my home. I can feel her warm heart beating in the trees, keeping the earth alive with dew and love. I can feel her coaxing other deers toward her, creating relationships between the deer of this physical realm and the spirit guide of the fifth dimension.

What Her Channeling Sound Means

Makawee, like most ascended beings and masters, has a certain calling sound that allows her into your presence and lets her transfer messages to you. “Aushhh” is her prayer, and this sound is the vibration of pure amazement and stillness. When you speak “Makawee, mother, healer” it tells you are greeting her.

Channeling Makawee is a truly awakening experience, and it creates a certain aura around you, light brown, green and a buttery yellow.

I hope to be adding more information on Makawee as our relationship progresses. You can access the Makawee channeled messages archive here. Love and blessings!