The Awakening Of Humanity

Humanity has been “asleep” for thousands of years. Long ago, we were masters of the Ascended world. We did not rule, because in the Ascended world, equality is everywhere, and it is PURE equality, nothing less. As our knowledge of how powerful and capable we were grew, we became cocky and competitive, something that is unwanted in the realm we resided in. Humanity was placed on Earth in hopes we would begin to understand that it was not power we held, but LOVE. Everlasting, pure love that radiated beyond us and into the beings we surrounded ourselves with. On Earth, we became petty and superficial, relying on amenities such as food, water and clothes. We told ourselves that we needed these things, and eventually, we did.

It became so that we died without the protection of these things. In the spectrum of light that we had lived in before, there was nothing that could hold us back from being etheric, loving, electromagnetic light beings. But on Earth, we sought to ravage what we were given. We raped and maimed the Mother that had tried so hard to help us heal back into our true forms. Even now, after so much neglect, hurt, and beatings, the Earth seeks our light and gives us a reason to WANT this life that is not only life, but forever.

Humanity was an ancient, loving race that was known for their capabilities of holding knowledge and being able to love unconditionally and as a whole. We were the beings of light that were able to give love to every being, to have patience and be grateful for the most menial things. Eventually, other ascended beings joined us in our loving realm that was full of our struggles, our victories, our happiness. Those beings were varied, and many in number. To name a few; the Pleiades, who were already amazing creatures with dazzling auras and plentiful skill at everything.

Arcturians also joined us. We were already in relations with these beings, because we knew them from our soul. They were the teachers and the sources of our knowledge. And the one Creator, Mother Earth, gave them the gift of wisdom, so that they would always know what way to turn. Of course, all ascended beings COULD have received this heavy gift, but some did not want it. It would be a burden to those who assumed they were correct even if they were not.

Our brothers and sisters, these ascended masters, had helped us through or immortal realms, and we worked with them to come to a place of enjoyment, and rest. They even guided us down to Earth, where we were victims to the source of Matter.

Now, they are helping us. And this is where the Awakening comes in.

The human race is a powerful one, with a frequency that is ever increasing. We are becoming more and more intimate with nature herself and we have given our absolute best into this project — Ascension Earth.

The Awakening is happening at this moment. It has been going on for years, and few were aware of it when it first began. But soon, thousands have felt the pull, the tension and the buzzing of ever-moving light information. Many have received their own downloads and have alerted people to what is happening.

In December 2012, much of the world was convinced that it would be the last month of Earth. But the last day passed and life continued. What everyone was feeling was much the same. It was a Jump Start. For those who watched Star Trek, when the ship jumps in hyper jump, it increases the pace so much that it feels like you are pushing through every barrier to get to a certain place. December 31, 11:59:60, we did just that. The human race shifted so much, that even the most uptight, close-minded people experience the feeling of adrenaline and rushed energy. These past 4 1/2 years have been full of various shifts.

We are ascending right now. Soon, we will be more than humans. We will be experiencing such enigmatic wonder and then… CLARITY. What we have felt is more than just a small shift. Humanity is awakening to what is going on in our world. This is not a dream; this is an image we have created through our mind. But we rip down that screen and we are faced with the truth. We need to wake to the truth. Become the light you are destined to be. We are an elite race of ascended beings. We MUST realize this before it’s time.

Another leap is predicted to occur in December 2016. Let us prepare.